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When you walk your dog at night, stay safe, visible and futuristic with this cool new LED Dog Leash.
All batteries in each set are replaceable, and you can choose from two flashing speeds and one steady light speed. This LED Light-UP Dog Leash and Collar set is stylish, durable, light-weight, flexible, easy to store, and fun to use.
There are three Spots Light products to choose from: the LED Light Up Collar, the LED Light Up Leash and the LED Light Up Harness.

If you a full-body control over your dog, the LED Light Up Harness is something you should look into.
The LED Light Up Leash, LED Dog Collar and LED Light Up Harness all have a battery life of over 72 hours of continuous use. Available in small, medium and large and a range of colors, the harness is easily adjustable and will fit comfortably on your dog, while the two rows of LED lights cut through the dark and make your presence known. Not only do they light up, but they are strong and durable to give you many nighttime jogs and walks to come.

With this Pup Crawl Lights-Up Dog Leash you can make sure your dog stays visible to cars and bikers on the road. You and your pooch and light up the dark and stay safe with the Spots Light LED Dog Collar and Leash.

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