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We added a rivet-on brass nameplate, and we've found that plus the brass hardware on the collar is just the right amount of bling. Leather was a bit stiff at first but after a few weeks of use it softened up to a nice feel.
Your flat leather collars are absolutely stunning and I haven't seen nicer and better leather collars in Switzerland. First I want to thank you for all the help that one can get from your web site I just believe that you are The Best. If you know anything about Leerburg, you know that Frawley would never put his name on anything he didn't believe in, and the leather collars (and leashes) from Leerburg are all 5 star quality and workmanship. I don't believe in dressing up dogs (figures that I have one with a very short coat who might actually *need* a jacket!), and I think that a good collar is all the decoration a real dog will ever need.

There was too much loose leather left over when I tightened it properly, so I cut off the excess with a pair of sharp scissors; it doesn't look quite as nice as the original finished edge, but now that it's the right length you don't even see it.
I've tried a bunch of different collars but always felt like I was making a compromise between strength vs leather softness and looks.
These collars are priced at or below the collars I have seen at any pet store I have been to, and are clearly much better quality. If your dog is close to the smallest or largest size, please call or email with your dogs exact measurement and we will do our best to find a collar perfect for your dog in the color of your choice. I take our Amish-made collars and leashes to Europe as presents for friends when I go to visit.
We have found that we like these collars for our Malinois or German Shepherd puppies or smaller sized breeds of adult dogs.

It is a thick, soft leather, and adds to his good looks without being distracting -- like well-applied makeup or tasteful jewelry on a woman. I've heard of dogs breaking collars, and I saw it happen a couple of weeks ago, but I fully expect this collar to last the lifetime of my puppy and perhaps beyond -- depending upon whether we choose to retire it or use it for a new dog.

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