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On Saturday, Sherri Mills and her boyfriend, Terry Archer, took their 4-year-old bulldog to PetSmart in Mishawaka. While owner Terry Archer was waiting in the grooming salon for Bubba, he says he watched the dog choke to death on his own vomit. Two of the groomers were trying to restrain the dog and one groomer wrapped her arms around his neck. PetSmart and the owner rushed the dog to the Emergency Vet Clinic on Grape Road in Mishawaka, but he was dead on arrival. Jen Mota wants PetSmart to review and change their policy of permitting large, un-muzzled dogs into their stores. But a spokesperson for PetSmart said they will not review their store policy and things will stay the same.
When Mota and Ty were waiting in line, one of the two huskies that they saw earlier in the store suddenly became interested in Ty.
This is a very unfortunate incident but I have to agree with Petsmart - it is the responsibility of the owners of aggressive dogs (regardless of size) to ensure they do not bring them into the store.
I go to Petsmart on occasion and I’ve seen many large dogs and none have been aggressive.
Too many times we try to make laws or new rules because of individual incidents instead of holding individuals responsible for their choices and the actions of the dogs. I have a little weenie dog that I wish I could understand what he mentally says to my larger dogs because sometimes they just want to eat him.
While I think it is very nice that Pet Smart allows people to bring their dogs into the stores, I do not bring my own dogs in with me. I personally don’t take my dogs into pet stores because of possible situations just like this. I would imagine that the huskies’ owner may think twice about taking his dogs into a pet store, especially after reading the speculation in the newspaper that his dog might be put down. The size differential is just too great - and the risk is all on these very small dogs (even an accidental kick from someone walking by not seeing them could do them in), so teeny owners must take extra precautions when they are out and about, just as rat owners do and rabbit owners do and ferret owners do. This is a terrible tragedy for the small dog and his owner, and obviously very distressing for the large dog’s owner as well.

I am a responsible owner of both small and large breeds and BOTH my dogs have been trained.I would never subject my dogs to an enviroment where anyone can assume it is safe. If Miss Mota wants somebody to held accountable for this tragedy she needs to look in the mirror first. Waterloo regional police said yesterday they are satisfied the husky does not pose a threat to the public and was leashed and under the control of the owner at the time of the incident last Friday. Lastly, I agree with Petsmart - why should all large dogs be penalized for the actions of two not so smart dog owners. Insurance companies won’t insure people with certain breeds of dogs and I totally agree. They are some laws going into affect regarding aggressive breeds and many people are for it.
I had a Yorkie and whenever I would bring him into a public place like Petsmart I carried him.
I feel very badly for Ty’s owner however, just like with a baby you need to protect your animals. The owners of the larger dogs would have been wise to leave their names and phone numbers just to show that they care. Once while in the Petsmart, standing in line with my arms full, a large dog jumped up on me.
The movie that’s been playing in my mind over and over as I read this story is the day I had both my shibas out for a walk on a tandem leash. I meet this woman in my neighbourhood all the time and now, fortunately, she has her dog on leash.
The fact that the owners of the dogs that attacked the little one left the scene of the crime and didn’t even leave contact information pegs them as irresponsible and criminal in my book. I agree with mitten that a lot of people seem to be deluded about the dangers of dogs and the fact that both small dog owners and large dog owners need to take more responsibility.
Her one-year-old Yorkshire terrier, Ty, was attacked by a husky in a PetSmart in Canada and later died from his injuries. Normally, Mota carries the three-pound terrier in her arms, but in the store, she felt comfortable putting him down and walking him on his leash.

The owner did leave his contact information at the store, and the police was not able to provide any information about the owner of the huskies. The manager said he has made sure that employees have been reminded of how to handle aggressive dogs. Requiring a muzzle is a punishment to those dogs that, in the majority, are not aggressive and well-behaved. Now, I imagine the Huskie’s owner is also very scared that his dog will be possibly put down for being vicious. It might be hard for an animal with strong prey drive to distinguish between the fluffy toys on the racks, and the fluffy little dog behind it at the checkout. I own a large Golden Retriever (very docile), however I don’t take her into Petsmart (used to go there to buy commercial food - no more) because I have seen to many owners of both small and large dogs who have no control of their pets. If I took my golden into Petsmart, and was told she would need a muzzle - I’d be upset and never shop there again. I can’t imagine the anguish she is going through however, she has to take responsibility for her part in this terrible tragedy.
So very sad for the owner and the poor Yorkie, but dogs are dogs and you can’t assume anything about dogs you know nothing about. They don’t watch them, they don’t have social skills, they are not familiar with canine body language and to many think it is a great place to introduce their dogs to another dog! The owner was not being responsible having his dogs so close to such a small dog that could elicit his prey drive.
Dog owners need to get over themselves and leave their pets at home the way cat owners have to. Many dogs large or small are capable of triggering an incident given the right circumstances.

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