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The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Labradors and Golden Retrievers (and first-crosses) are our dogs of choice because they are highly trainable, responsive, intelligent and have calm temperaments. This willingness to stand down is something which humans should try a little more often, according to Ryan O’Meara, author of an unusual new self-help book which suggests that our most faithful companions can teach us much about finding happiness and fulfilment.‘Dogs know that life is too precious to go into battle over something trivial,’ he says.
Best friends forever: Surveys suggest that the thing people value most about their dogs is the welcome they get whenever they come home. RUNNING a pack of 12 Canadian Eskimo Dogs across muddy terrain is not what you’d expect to see most single mums doing around Leicestershire parkland. The dogs come in a variety of sizes and personalities which allow for a close match to the needs of a person who is visually impaired.
Do what dogs do and learn to trust them.’Take the leadSome humans seem to think that being an effective boss is all about Basil Fawlty-style shouting and bullying.

One of their most important traits is their willingness to please.About 63 days after the dogs have been mated, the pregnant bitches return to the breeding center from their boarding homes to give birth in our whelping center under the constant care of our breeding manager.
Many of America’s presidents have owned them — the country’s latest First Canine is a Portuguese Water Dog named Bo; while some of today’s celebrities appear to regard their dogs as their best friends.
The pups stay at the Center for the first two months and are then placed in the loving homes of puppy-raising families where they learn socialization and other skills to help assure that they will be acceptable for guide dog training. As the world’s best-known pack animals, dogs are expert communicators and these submissive signals are their way of avoiding conflict with those further up the hierarchy. O’Meara says there’s a reason why dogs have always found a place at the side of the most prominent figures in society.‘These people are often unable to distinguish true friends and those who are using them for their own ends,’ he points out. Finding the answers was a matter of life or death, and laboratory studies suggest that dogs are still hard-wired to keep worrying at something until they have resolved it.Faced with the task of getting food out of a specially constructed puzzle box, they will disregard all distractions. His ears were back and his tail wagging.’He contrasts this zest for living to the human tendency to be preoccupied by the past and to worry about the future.

Obedience training is done throughout the training process and we use positive reinforcement to praise the dogs for lessons well learned. During the training period, the dogs are taught to stop at every up and down curb, to avoid obstacles including electric poles in the middle of sidewalks, concrete barriers at corners, cars parked on sidewalks, holes in the pavement and low branches.
They even warn their human partners about cutout curbs that are so helpful for wheelchairs but so lethal for the blind, who need to know where the sidewalk ends and the street begins. We then bring the visually impaired Israeli to our center for three weeks of training during which time the user learns how to take care of the needs of the dog and is instructed in the effective use of the guide dog through a series of daily walks in near-by towns.Following the course at the Center, the instructor then accompanies the clients to their homes and works with them in their normal environment for a week going to their place of work, to the bank, the market, the post office, to the vet and other places to familiarize the dog with the daily routine.
In most countries, it is an offense to deny access to guide dogs in taxis, restaurants and public places.

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