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Many times dogs simply wander into flower beds because they are just areas that are easily accessible. Consider growing barrier plants.[1] Tall, thorny, or especially fragrant plants can be a great deterrent for dogs. Make your flower beds unappealing by adding tastes and smells that dogs don't like.[2] Dust the edges of your flower beds with red pepper powder or other pungent spices. Don't use commercial repellents made to repel deer or rabbits.[3] Most of these products contain coyote urine, which keeps deer and rabbits at bay but attracts the interest of dogs. Switch to container gardening if your flowers are getting repeatedly trampled.[4] Dogs are less likely to get into pots or raised beds, as access it inherently more limited than flat areas of a yard.
While training your dog to stay in designated areas, it's a good idea not to leave it alone with the temptation and ability to break the rules. You can also designate an area where your dog can dig, if that is what they are doing in your flower beds.

Prevent your dog from digging in the soil by placing chicken wire, large rocks, or a plastic membrane over the earth. This version of How to Keep Dogs out of Flower Beds was reviewed by Pippa Elliott, MRCVS on May 17, 2015.
While dogs can be loyal and fun companions, they can really make a mess of your prized petunias.
This should send a message to your dog, or other dogs in the area, that he or she is not allowed in your garden.
Planting a row of thorny roses or other prickly plants along the edge of your flower bed will make the area much more unappealing to a dog looking for a place to dig or lounge around.
You could also sprinkle strong smelling liquids, such as vinegar, around the edges of your beds.
Having raised beds will not guarantee that your pooch won't go tromping through it but it will make the occurrence less likely.

You need to be consistent with your disapproval, never letting the dog wander into the flower beds without facing negative consequences.
To keep your pup, or neighborhood pups, out of your beautiful flower beds, you will either need to change their behavior or change your beds a bit. You shouldn't have to limit what and where you plant necessarily, but use common sense when choosing the right spot for a delicate and special flower specimen.
Spraying repellant when the dog is there is going to teach the dog to avoid you, rather than the flower bed. Above all, keep playing with your dogs and let them know you love them, even if they do dig up your prized petunias once in a while.

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