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When we move to the new trailer, i will need some sort of fence to keep her in, but the simple dog fencing my mom has her in now barely holds her and she will get much bigger than she is now, so i doubt it will hold her when she is fully grown. I considered cementing the whole area inside the fence, but then i would have to be out there nearly every day scooping up her poop to keep the yard looking nice, and that is a pain. Around small areas of fence I've found that just putting something like flagstone down keeps my dog from digging (or, at least, keeps his digging from accomplishing anything).

Look, this is off-topic, but every dog is different just like every person is different, and some dogs dig. Digging is in their nature, it doesnt matter how often you walk them, they dig to cool off, they dig cuz theyre bored, they dig to escape.

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