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A big difference between urine and poop is that urine is sterile while poop is, well, you know, smelly and full of bacteria. In fact, a recent article published in the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine showed that fecal transplants, where poop from one individual is infused into another individual's intestines, have performed better than regular antibiotics in treating certain bacterial infections that cause severe diarrhea.
Bottom line: the human body is a wondrous machine, with complex systems designed to extract nutrients from food and, during metabolism, excrete the waste products in the form of both liquids (urine) and solids (feces). In summary,consuming foods naturally rich in vitamins, minerals, and other things the body needs, like vegetables, fruits, whole grains, nuts and seeds, for example, are a better way to go than, say, consuming the waste of those (or whatever) foods. THE VERDICT: Assuming you are a healthy person, eating your own poop would probably not harm you.

We've all heard of people who claim that drinking your own urine has health benefits (vitamins, etc).
The challenge is to standardize the stool preparations and formulate them in ways that are acceptable to patients.
Your body has excreted this waste, and reconsuming it is literally a waste of energy and, further, could be harmful; there's a reason your body is excreting this waste, after all, and no reason to further tax your excretory and digestive systems with remetabolizing it.
But that is no longer the case in many places (like the US setting), thus there are certainly healthier, safer, and tastier ways of obtaining nutrition for our bodies in the 21st century. Eating someone else's poop could make you sick if they were unhealthy, but eating poop from the right person could cure your diarrheal disease.

Practically all food-borne infections are ultimately transmitted through the stool (fecal-oral), so we have very good reasons to stay away from stool as much as possible by hygienic measures (toilet construction, separate drinking and waste water systems, etc). Re-uptake of these nutrients by ingestion of stool would give a second opportunity for absorption in the gut.

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