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Dogs love the bacon flavor.Featured Reviews for Barley Cat (3 oz)Our beasties love this stuff! Eating grass is usually thought to be a sign of an upset stomach in dogs, but it's actually a normal behavior.
Dogs and cats instinctively eat fresh green grass which is rich in vitamins, minerals, and enzymes.
Dogs do this in order to boost their body's supply of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. The problem with eating whole grass is that each blade is covered with microscopic barbs that can cause stomach and throat irritation. Although the nutrients are beneficial, there are a couple of health risks associated with grass eating. Since we use only fresh juice – without the barbs – our barley grass powder is good for your pet…and your carpet. With the pesticides and other chemicals applied to lawns and fields these days, it may be harmful for dogs to eat fresh grass.

I use it for flavoring purposes and cannot comment on the medicinal value.Cats Lose Weight and Love This!
They might also end up with throat or stomach trouble because of the tiny barbs found on blades of grass. My dog used to run out and start eating grass the minute she got out the door and then later, we were running to the door to let her out to be sick.
Sprinkle a little on your cats food today and see the new enthusiasm blossommy babies love their barley cat!
That's why giving them a supplement like Barley Dog instead of letting them eat regular grass is a good idea.
Our barley grass powder is loaded with active enzymes that are often missing in today's processed dog foods.
Sprinkling Barley Dog® on your dog's food will not only enhance the taste, but will also enable more nutrients to be absorbed. This is the first scientific study done in a controlled environment to investigate grass eating behavior in domestic dogs.

A study published in 2008 by researchers from California who surveyed pet owners as to their dog’s eating behaviors added further support for the notion that grass eating is a normal behavior of domestic dogs. A: The problem with eating whole grass is that each blade has microscopic barbs that can irritate your pets' stomachs.
However, our products are made from only the juice of barley grass and do not contain the barbs that can make your pets sick. A: It is virtually impossible for your pet to overdose on Barley Dog® or Barley Cat™, as both products' main ingredient is barley grass juice, which is a green vegetable.
A: Many people have reported that their pets stopped or drastically reduced eating grass after taking our product.

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