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One of the most popular breeds in the USA, the Labrador Retriever is loyal, loving, affectionate and patient, making a great family dog. Remember that labs don't reach mental maturity until about age 3, so until then you can have a puppy's mind in a large dog's body. We are also going to start Agility and Flyball classes soon; both of us are super excited about that.

Some may be reserved with strangers unless very well socialized, preferably while they are still puppies.
Dozer also loves learning new tricks some of his favorites are sit handsomely (that's where he sits up) circle, How was your day (he will bark saying it's been real rough), Play dead, hold it (he will hold just about anything in his mouth), and crawl (just to name a few). Adult Labs are very strong; train them while they are puppies to heel on the leash, and not to bolt out doorways and gateways before the humans.

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