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Well this ball is the bomb as far as my pit, Precious, is concerned She tries to take it in with her through a doggie door, it won't fit, so she keeps an eye on it from inside She loves it. The Rough and Tough Unbreakoball Dog Ball Toy is Truely the Only Virtually Indestructible Toy for Dogs! This super shiny thick chain is not only strong as you can imagine but looks really tough on my 11month Pitbull Mastiff. We deal with a great number of people and have been asked hundreds of times what toys make for good, safe, inexpensive toys for their APBT. Here's a list of toys we've found to be virtually Pit Bull proof (there's always exceptions to this though).
This tug is also machine washable so it doesn't get all funky and leave your carpet stinking like dog slobber.

The Bionic Bone - The Bionic Bone was referred to me by an owner who's dog was tearing through everything.
We are always on the look out for cool Pit Bull toys, if it's made especially for American Pit Bull Terriers, that's even better! American Pit Bull Terriers aka Pit Bulls are thriving as therapy dogs in the state of Kentucky. Before you go out and get two Pit Bull puppies or add another Pit Bull to your life read this article. My pitbull Bella usually tears up anything within minutes at most, all she can do with this is scratch it up pretty good. I have 4 Pit Bulls and it is hard to find a toy that will last longer than a couple of days.

I own a kennel and have tried this toy with all my dogs beyond a few scratches it is exactly as promised unbreakoball. Shipping was fast and I have recommended Pit bull gear to my family and friends for any future collar needs. They chew through most toys like paper and end up shredding the most expensive chew toys that were supposed to last forever.

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