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Salmon meal consists of salmon that's ground into a powder after the fat and water are removed. Catfish meal consists of catfish that's ground into a powder after the fat and water are removed; the resulting extremely concentrated meal is one of the highest protein values available in the pet food industry to date - and it's tasty. Menhaden meal consists of menhaden that's ground into a powder after the fat and water are removed. Flaxseed meal is the ground seed of the flax plant, which you may have seen in your local natural food store. Pearled barley is an excellent source of starch for pet foods; starch is a necessary ingredient in pet food because it enables the ingredients to bind together to form the kibble. Chicken liver digest is our natural flavor enhancer; it's "goopy" fermented chicken livers - sounds repulsive, but dogs love it.
This plant-based flavor enhancer may exhibit some anti-inflammatory effects and may even make your dog's feces less odiferous! Our foods incorporate DSM Nutritional Product's OVN (Optimal Vitamin Nutrition) vitamin premix specifically formulated for Dr. Kelp, a sea vegetable, keeps your dog's coat healthy and is loaded with amino acids, vitamins and minerals. Made of tender pieces of fresh chicken accented with carrots and spinach, this delicious recipe comes in a convenient resealable bag to make serving quick and easy.
Chicken, Chicken Liver, Ground Oats, Carrots, Eggs, Rice Bran, Spinach, Natural Flavors, Salt, Vinegar, Beta-Carotene, Celery Powder.
My dog Maggie, a beautiful landseer Newfoundland, contracted Lyme disease and lost about 10 lbs – I was shocked because I hadn’t noticed and I felt soooo guilty! My English bull dog has skin al allergies and I have been through 6 or 7 dry foods which he refuses to eat unless I put something else in it defeating the process. I have a 16 year old Italian Greyhound named Rosie who has become very picky about what she will eat. I have owned dogs my whole life and it has always been a battle to find something that they like to eat.

Formulated Meal PlansTo save owners times, Optimal Nutrition has formulated meal plans, so owners do not become overwhelmed ensuring their pet receives every vital nutrient they need in their raw diet. Tim's Premium Athletic Dog Foods uses rice flour as one of its primary carbohydrate sources.
Tim's uses chicken fat as the main fat source due to its high palatibility and fatty acid profile.
The result is an extremely concentrated meal that contains a high level of fat, unique Omega 3 and Omega 6 profiles, is delicious, and is full of naturally occurring anti-oxidants. Catfish meal's unique Omega 3 fatty acid profile contributes to the well-rounded fatty acid profiles found in Dr. Menhaden is an ocean fish, and in our concentrated meal form supplies essential proteins, Omega 3 fats, minerals and growth factors essential for normal health. Tim's uses canola oil, also known as rapeseed oil, as one of the vehicles used to deliver all the balanced fatty acids; canola oil helps maintain the proper ratios of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, may reduce inflammatory injuries, and improve your dog's skin, coat and kidneys. Tim to support and maintain your dog's optimal skin, coat and paw pad health under high performance conditions.
Tim's Premium Athletic Dog Food includes iron sulfate, zinc oxide, zinc amino acid chelate, manganous oxide, manganese amino acid chelate, copper amino acid chelate, copper sulfate, cobalt carbonate, ethylenediamine dihydriodide and sodium selenite.
She devoured it which was surprising to us since she reluctantly ate her former brand of dog food. Since I got him a little over a year ago, I have struggled to find a dog food that he would eat.
She is a very picky eater and we could never get her to eat a particular food for more than a week before she would stop eating it.
I have taken recommendations from vets, friends and sales people but not until I found pet fresh did I finally get to stop my search for the best dog food ever. These meal plans for the raw diet do not hold any burden on their owners what-so-ever, and makes the decision process less overwhelming for the owners. When plasma is separated (or spun out) from the blood cells, what results is a "functional protein product"; in other words, albumin and globulin.

I was having to buy canned chicken or cook fresh chicken for her which was fine but I couldn’t get her to eat any cooked vegetables. I order via Chewy’s for the dry food, I ran out and am waiting for the next shipment. Then I discovered Freshpet varieties which I add into the dry food… now they leave me nothing but empty bowls.
Before she was having a hard time digesting her old food, but with this, she has no issues.
Feeding Max has always been a daunting task that involved hand feeding, tempting him with treats, mixing it with broth, and switching foods at least a few times a month. Needless to say, that after several months of being on this regime of food, the infection and the stomach issues have not returned.
My older dog Gizmo, makes sure to give me a “gentle reminder” when his bowl is empty by taking his paw and flipping the bowl!!!
The food has been instrumental in renewing our dog’s health even at the ripe age of 14. Like the cat food size (which I bought by mistake) My dog doesn’t chew his food he just swallows it so I have to cut it in smaller pieces. My family and I really can’t thank this company enough and reccomend this food to everyone.
I went to my local grocery store which luckily carries the brand, picked up a bag, brought it home and put some in his food bowl. I’ve noticed a significant reduction in the amount of times my dogs defecate and the smaller their poops are. I know that means there are hardly any fillers at all in this food and all of it is being digested.

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