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Sadie returning to the houseboat on the ramp her owners built for her after retrieving her toy. The Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog is believed to have originated from Nordic Wolfhound being introduced some three to five hundred years before the Spanish arrived, however, no one will really know for sure. The state of Louisiana is cited as the point of origin, particularly the area of Catahoula.
She chases certain cats, but has 3 that she seems to have bonded with for some reason and does not chase. The Catahoula was named after a Parish in northeastern Louisiana and after the mottled spots on its coat.

She likes other dogs and does not initiate negative vibes with them, but is quick to let them know she is not going to be a pushover.
The Catahoula is not recommended for an owner who does not take the pack leader issue seriously. Speckles is very tolerant of his puppy ways, will not bite him, but only barks at him in a way that scares him into stopping whatever he is doing—at least for a few minutes. For the right owner who understands the importance of structure, leadership, and exercise the Catahoula can make a wonderful pet. But, they are not a high energy level dog, as seen in Border Collies, Jack Russell Terriers, Fox Terriers, Aussies, and some of the hunting breeds such as the German Shorthaired Pointer.

Each dog has to be aware of what the pig and the other two dogs are doing and react accordingly.

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