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This Nicholson Rip Vest - Hog Hunting Dog Vest is the BLUE version in the Hog Hunting Dog Vest.
This tough vest offers maximum protection to your valuable hunting dog with little restriction to impede his performance. RPR (Run Piggy Run) is the worlds largest professional manufacturer of 'Rip Vests' & 'Cut Collars. RPR Rip Vests & Cut Collars are made for use in some of the toughest country by professional hunters, outfitters and guides. The 3 models of rip vest currently on offer from RPR incorporate some key features from a few of Australias more effective breastplates, and provide extremely tough, well weighted and practical rip vests.

This Nelson Rip Vest - Hog Hunting Dog Vest Offers great protection for your hog hunting dogs.
This Walford Rip Vest - Hog Hunting Dog Vest is a lighter weight style vest with designed for minimum restriction so as not limit the dogs performance but still offers plenty of protection. A Small size, with it's adjustable straps, for a snug fit, easily accommodates most american hunting dogs.
All Velcro fully adjustable straps for a snug fit to most styles of dogs, TPU collar to ensure the neck can't come undone and chrome plated d-ring. Specializing in a line of Rip Vests & Cut Collars suited to the wild pig hunting Industry.

I have just ordered my second of these beautiful collars for another dog we've adopted from a rescue organization. We have a horse barn, and the dogs are constantly out in the woods and working the horses, so they were always losing their tags. Gun Dog does the engraving and puts the name plates on the collars, so when they arrive they are ready to go.

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