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Before getting started for the potty training, it is necessary to notice the signs that show that your dog needs to poop.
If you are looking for other easy tips to train your dog for good, How to Raise the Perfect Dog is the best guide you should read. When you are free, you should take your dog outside and wait until he starts to run around and sniff the surroundings in order to look for a good place.

However, whoever has a dog knows that one of the most frustrating aspects of dog ownership is when you have to wait for your dog to finish his business, even when it is in the middle of a rain.
Then choose one specific sentence that you want to use in order to give the command to your dog. You could use either the classic command “go potty” or “abracadabra!” Actually, it does not really matter what the command is as long as you say it to your dog persistently.

This may sound unbelievable to you but you can actually train your furry friend to respond to the command and go poop.

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