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Behavioral training prevents and or corrects bad habits that your puppy or dog may develop or already has developed. My Socrates was a dirty dog, and when a Newfoundland has no problem peeing and pooping in his crate, you work hard to find another way to housetrain! Treating pet separation anxiety requires you to desensitize your pet so your pet is no longer anxious as you come and go. The man known as the Dog Whisperer lent his support along with his wife Ilusion, to the Much Love Animal Rescue Benefit this past weekend.
Dog Obedience Classes and Puppy Training Classes—Dog Obedience classes and Puppy Training classes available in Pearland and Sugar Land. The problem is not all these methods deal with whining and how to get the dog calm without stressing the dog out further. One of the most common situations which causes excessive barking or whining is crate training or separation anxiety. Using a shake can gives you control over your dog's barking or whining without the use of a bark collar or any other invasive device.
Step 3 - First when he whines or barks - shake the can and at the same time use a word to tell him to quiet. You just had the best first day with your new puppy introducing him to everything in the house, family, friends, neighbors, and now it is time to go to bed.

If you feel like you are going mad, you can also try correcting your puppy with a firm “Shhh!” or “Quiet!” If you give a correction, make it short and firm, then continue back to what you are doing. Obedience training is training the dog to obey certain commands such as sit, stay, come and teaching it to heel. When you acquire a new dog or when pups are small they learn to use whatever works to get your attention.
There are several options from a no bark collar to other methods most of which could stress a dog out and require creativeness, experience and patience as well as a deep understanding of dog behavior. Learning to acclimate your dog to a crate or to simply leave him in it at appropriate times can be a challenging feat if the dog learns to manipulate or ANNOY you or your neighbors. Once you start using the shake can he will quickly learn that whining or barking at you will not work on you anymore and whining simply leads to the mysterious sounding shake can which will in turn re-establish a calm state of mind without stressing the dog out. Also get a small radio to block all background noise YOU may make while in the home giving away your activities to the dog. You put your little puppy in his crate, say goodnight, and you are only two feet away when he starts screaming and howling.
We say this all the time, but it is especially important for a young puppy who is barking for attention or he will learn that barking works and keep doing it for the next 17 years! Try giving your puppy a bully stick, chewy, or kong to work on until he tires out and falls asleep.

A dog or puppy can quickly learn the habit of whining or barking when being put in his crate. This creates a much more effective change in the behavior and after a short time just shaking the can or giving the command a couple of times will quiet your dog for good. At first you are so focused on the game that you don't even realize they are present but once they throw a piece of popcorn at you it re-attains your attention. Some puppies take a few days, and some take a few weeks; however, be assured that the crying will eventually tire him out and he will learn no reward comes when he howls. When your puppy has free time out in the house, throw treats in there so he comes in and goes out regularly and associates it with all things good. You can even mix it up and give a knuckle bone one day, an antler another, and then a yummy peanut butter kong, so the novelty does not wear out.
So the very last thing you want to do is run to the crate every time your dog whines or barks since this will only make the problem worse.
Despite the fact that yelling at the dog may seem like it is a negative response to barking or whining, in most dogs' eyes it is still giving him the attention he is seeking and is enough to reinforce his whining or barking behavior.

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