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Step 1Allow your puppy to lightly mouth your hand, and redirect him when he bites too hard. Step 4Decrease the amount of pressure you allow, from no hard bites to no soft bites, down to no teeth on skin at all.
Bite inhibition is easiest to teach to puppies, since they are constantly biting things while they're teething. If you are ever afraid your dog will seriously bite you, do not attempt these training exercises. Molly Sawyer has been writing online since 1998, covering topics such as dog care, breeding and genetics, financial and tax information, and holistic care for people and pets.

Begin by allowing moderate pressure, so that you can feel the bite but it isn't painful and doesn't break the skin. Sometimes puppies get more excited by a yelp, or consider it a challenge to get their teeth on your hand when you pull it away.
This gradual transition will teach your dog to inhibit his bite, so that if he ever does bite a person, he will not bite as hard or inflict as much damage. Most dogs love tug, but can get carried away and may accidentally grab your hand instead of the tug toy. Adult dogs may start out biting harder than your moderate threshold -- if this is the case, do not try to teach your dog bite inhibition without professional help.

Teaching bite inhibition to your dog when he's a puppy can help to minimize the damage inflicted if he ever does bite someone. As soon the bite reaches your pressure threshold, give a quick yelp to startle him and interrupt the biting.

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