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Although the small game hunting season opened on Friday, hunters chasing game birds are most likely to find success at public wildlife areas where pheasants are released. John Kelley, who has also excelled in local field trials, will help dog owners solve dog-training problems. Creating the Cahlik Upland Bird Hunting wasn't easy, and it certainly isn't going to make Cahlik a rich sportsman.
Next was to build a two-story lodge for visiting bird hunters, and work with the Ohio Division of Wildlife to get the necessary permits.
An important ingredient was learning to raise the livestock, which in Cahlik's case are pheasants, chukar partridge and bobwhite quail. Ohio has had marginal wild pheasant hunting for decades, but there are lots of Buckeye hunting preserves where sportsmen can experience the Buckeye pheasant hunting of 60 or 70 years ago.
A minute or so went by, but with the warm, dry conditions on this Minnesota pheasant hunting opening weekend, I wondered if the scent trail would vanish as they had all weekend.
My desire to upland hunt, wingshoot and conserve wildlife habitat through Pheasants Forever’s conservation mission has only grown since Sprig entered my life.
For a lot of bird hunters, buying your first purebred hunting dog is the culmination of a lifetime dream. One of the preeminent hunting dog handlers in the western states is Corky Smith, owner of the Lincoln Creek Hunting Club (360-736-6609) near Chehalis, Wash. To reinforce everything the dog has learned up to this point, you’ll need to fold that first bird. Like most bird hunters around Ohio, he knows the prime game birds - ring-necked pheasants, ruffed grouse and bobwhite quail - are in woefully short supply.
It will be a fleeting glimpse of the good, old days, when pheasants were plentiful and bagging a grouse or a quail was a possibility. His first Lab, Max, turned into an outstanding performer in the All-Breed Hunter's Trials around the area, and Max's son, Jake, and grandson, Cooper, now handle the bird-finding and field trial chores. This year, after adding a few hundred more acres, Cahlik has expanded his dream and opened Cahlik's Upland Bird Hunting and Dog Training Grounds at 9520 Penniman Rd.

He needed a crash course in agriculture in order to plant crops that would provide prime hunting cover.
His first crop of pheasants has been learning experience after losing about 500 birds to disease. Twenty one blog posts, 229 online comments and a year and a half later, my baby bird dog grew up right in front of my eyes during two days of pheasant hunting. You’ve helped create an online catalog that future hunters and conservationists will find valuable.
You might have hunted behind borrowed dogs at pheasant preserves, or hunted with a buddy and his dog, or bought a dog that was already trained, mature and ready to go. His take on that first morning in the field for you and pup goes back to the quality of the dog’s initial training, long before the season opened.
A classic upland bird dog is the German shorthair, and Brittanies are also versatile field dogs.
This is one reason why you might think about hunting at a pheasant preserve on pen-raised birds for the first time, rather than on wild birds in chest-high cover.
The mix of sorghum, millet and grasses will stand tall, even after the winter snows blanket the area, providing realistic hunting conditions that match the best that pheasant-rich states such as Iowa or South Dakota have to offer. Cahlik has worked with a Pennsylvania bird breeder and others to learn how to raise happy and healthy pheasants and other game birds. All rights reserved (About Us).The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Northeast Ohio Media Group LLC. She followed the trail off the edge of the cattails, up into the surrounding grass stand and zigzagged up and over a hill. There certainly are great amounts of joy that can be obtained from training you own gun dog, but extreme frustration can also be experienced if a person rushes or is uncertain of proper training techniques. Griffins are great ground-scent trackers, while English pointers are oriented toward being air-scent dogs. The bird made it about another 10 yards before she smacked into him headstrong; hunting without pulling the trigger has never been so much fun.

All in all there are three main questions that one must ask himself when trying to decide whether to train his own dog or calling in a Pro Trainer. For instance, an average hunting dog (a dog who hunts about 10 - 20 days a season) will take far less preparation than a bragging rights field trailer. If a new puppy is the primary pupil, then one can not expect a finished dog going into the first season. The bragging rights bird dog will require a few lessons that a pro trainer can deliver best, for instance force fetch, and remaining steady to wing and shot.
Most filed trailers that I know will not even begin to pressure a dog until it is one year old or older. At this point it is worth mentioning that when discussing time the average trial dog will spend three to four times more time in training than the average hunter. The trial dog will see hundreds or even thousands of more repetitions in the yard than the average hunting dog thus creating the absolute broke dog. If you are new to bird hunting and have never had a bird dog before, then it would be worthwhile to seek advice from a professional.
If you are a person who is detailed oriented, and has spent much time in the bird fields then training a new dog should not be to difficult. There will be some lessons that will try the trainer, but can be overcome if the trainer realizes that they need help, and seek professional advice. If lessons are kept short and positive then you and the dog both will enjoy the lessons much more. In conclusion, when deciding to train or not to train one must evaluate himself fist and then the dog. Once the answers are know, then with the above information the question or to train or not to train can be answered.

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