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You need to stop the biting ASAP because it can lead to more serious issues withaggression and dominance, no matter how cute your puppy looks right now.
Take action to stop the biting, if your beagle puppy bites, especially if you take home a beagle that is less than eight weeks old. When you start training your beagle puppy,sign them up for socialization classes orobedience training, or even bite inhibitionclasses.

There are several others advantages tosocialization: it teaches your beagle goodresponses when your beagle is togetherwith other dogs and it reduces anyaggression your dog might show towardother dogs. By the age of 10 weeks your beagle puppyshould ideally understand that biting is notacceptable. Devoting your efforts to proper training willmake the years to come much moreenjoyable and reduce the risk of potentialaggression.

You have tried a rattle can, water gun, holding her mouth, crying like a puppy, holding him down, EVERYTHING!

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