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If your dog is not facing forward for the sneeze, turn it around by quickly moving the stylus across your dog in the direction you want it to turn.
To teach your dog other tricks, wait for the light bulb to appear, say the name of the trick, and repeat until your dog learns.
When you enter a dog in a contest you compete for first place and you get money if you win. Just follow these steps and you will have all the dogs within 2 days if you really work hard. Ever since Nintendogs launched on the original DS back in 2005, people have been half expecting a Nintencats spin-off. Teaching pets using voice commands now seems to be a lot easier to accomplish in Nintendogs + Cats then in games past. After learning how to teach your dog tricks, there are a few tips that pop up whenever an option that hasn’t been selected before is chosen, but other than that, the player is basically on their own from that point on.
Nintendogs + Cats has received a nice visual upgrade since it was last seen, and that’s much appreciated. Multiplayer is present in Nintendogs + Cats, but it’s a little different then you may remember.

While Nintendogs + Cats is a great game for kids who want to see what it’s like to be a pet owner, after playing with the game for a while it just feels like more of the same.
Anyone who has yet to play the original Nintendogs will be surprised by how intuitive and adorable the virtual puppies are and they should absolutely check the game out, but those who played the original six years ago are going to find very little to keep them entertained in terms of new content in Nintendogs + Cats.
The franchise’s first series of instalments turned out to be a huge success for Nintendo, and they are following suit with Nintendogs + Cats. You’re an excited and (hopefully) young future pet owner who has made your way to the Dog Kennel to purchase a new puppy. Tricks are taught to your pet almost identically to how they were in the original games, but this time there’s no need to repeat yourself 15 times in an extremely dull and monotone voice. At this point the game shifts focus to collecting money to buy toys for your dog to play with and new pets to run around alongside your puppy. Getting another dog doesn’t seem to unlock anything, and all it really does is just add another dog to walk around the neighbourhood.
The one thing I noticed when comparing the original Nintendogs to the sequel is that it looks like the dogs have actual fur, and not beige-colored skin. If you and a friend both have a copy of Nintendogs then it’s not as easy as hitting the multiplayer button and connecting with their dog.

This certainly makes training your dog a lot more fun, and this upgrade addresses one of the biggest problems that has plagued the series.
The game allows you to collect money by selling things that are found whilst on walks around the neighbourhood, but money can be more easily obtained by entering your dog in different types of competitions. Cats seem to be an even bigger waste of money than the dogs in Nintendogs + Cats, which is really a bit of a disappointment. The graphics as a whole aren’t overly impressive, and the Nintendo 3DS is certainly capable of better, but they are still more than acceptable and will satisfy visual expectations of the demographic the game is made for. The 3D effect in Nintendogs + Cats works extremely well, and literally appears as if your dog is popping out of the screen when you play with it. This is done by selecting the pedometer option, and physically going for a walk with the Nintendo 3DS in your pocket.

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