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Many dogs love to play with Frisbees, although most dogs don't know how to catch a flying disc. Do not let the dog win because they will think they are the boss, but don't rip the frisbee out of their mouth just teach them the "drop it" command.
If your dog doesn't stay with you, then work on recall ("come") before working with a disc. With a little patience and the following steps, you and your pet can learn to do this fun and rewarding activity.
This means that even if your dog jumps up and grabs the disc out of your hand without waiting for you to offer it to her, this is positive!
Instead of throwing the disc in the air, throw it so that the disc rolls on the ground like a wheel.

Begin with short, slow throws, and be very careful to avoid hitting your dog with the disc.
Eventually your dog will get used to the flying disc, learn how to track it in the air, and eventually will want the disc so badly ("DRIVE!") that she won't want to wait for it to drop to the ground and will instead grab it out of the air.
Bend over slightly and hold frisbee in your hand, horizontal to the ground, at the height of the dog's mouth. Now do the exact same exercise, only move your body in a circle away from the dog, keeping it at the height of the dog's mouth. Now that you are standing up, hold the frisbee a little higher than the dog's mouth and horizontal to the ground, so he has to jump up to grab it. If you are training a young pup, you may need to repeat all the above many times before it is ready to chase the frisbee.

The first article he worked on was How to Make Baseball Cards, and his favorite has been How to Make Caffe Medici. There are discs for destructive dogs (the Hyperflite Jawz) and soft floppy discs as well (the Aerobie Dogobie). Now praise the dog graciously by saying "good boy (girl) and repeat the process again a few more times.

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