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You love to take your dog to the park, around the block or to other venues for a healthy walk.
When there are leash-pulling or negative interactions between animals – if you walk multiple dogs – it is time to step in immediately. If you dread going outside simply because walking your dog exposes its bad manners, do not worry. At Sit Means Sit, our friendly experts gladly work with you to walk your pet the right way. It is, after all, the human who is taking the dog out for a walk, it should be just as enjoyable if not more so for them than their dog!

Make it almost impossible for you to strangle your dog by using the opposite hand to hold the leash.
While your dog should be trained to listen to voice command and stay next to you even without the help of the lead, most cities have laws that require dogs to be leashed.
If the dog is ahead of you, sets the pace and more or less drags you, it considers itself the leader. In addition, consider that even the best-trained dog is at risk of being hurt or attacked when you cannot quickly pull it away from danger.
As we have previously discussed, your dog will be happiest when it acknowledges you – or someone you design to take over for you – as the pack’s leader.

That means that even a young child should be able to walk the dog on a leash without incident.

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