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If your dog isn't allowed on the furniture, yet you keep finding him there, here are sure-fire ways to train a pet to stay off the couch. Most people who own canines as companions treat them just like other members of their families. Whatever your reasoning is for keeping your puppy off the furniture, you will be able to do so if you are patient and consistent.
The best way to train your dog to stay off of the couch is to never allow him up on it in the first place.
To find out which pup is the couch snoozer, crate all but one of the dogs when you are not there to watch them.

Nobody likes laundry, but your trusty laundry baskets can be helpful in training your pooch to stay off the couch. Sometimes an owner will arrive home only to find the baskets on the floor and pet hair on the couch. Dog owners who can catch their pup on the couch can teach him to stay off the couch much more easily.
If you ever give your four-legged friend a license to lounge, he will automatically believe that the sofa is an acceptable place for him to take his afternoon nap. Most multiple-pet owners immediately think that the youngest or newest addition to the family is undoubtedly the one that decided to relax on the couch.

Being consistent from the beginning by never allowing your pup on the furniture is the best way to ensure that he will understand that the couch is for humans and not for him.
However, if you have only one pet, you already know exactly who is getting hair all over the sofa. When your dog tries to get up onto the furniture again, the baskets will fall and the sound of the rocks banging together will send him running away from the furniture.

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