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So you've bought the couch you've been eying, only to find that your puppy is using it as a doggie bed and jumps up when he sees you using the new piece furniture. Step 2Provide your puppy with a comfy dog bed in the room with the furniture that he's not allowed to jump on. Regularly trim your pup's nails so they stay short and can do minimal damage when he manages to get on furniture. If there's more than one piece of furniture that's off-limits in the house, ensure you have several tempting dog beds ready to serve as an alternative.

Alternatively, place your puppy in a crate or block the entrance to the room with the comfy furniture by closing the door or using a baby gate.
Only use this trick if you're sure that your puppy can safely jump down from the couch without hurting himself. Caines holds a degree in journalism from Mercurius College in Holland and is writing her first novel. If you're consistent, your pup might stop jumping on the couch and automatically go to his pet bed without your assistance.

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