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Not only do they have to learn how to be dogs, but they also must learn how to live with humans.
We, as humans, also have to learn somewhat how dogs work, and the communication gap can be enormous!One of the biggest tools puppies have to learn with is their mouth – not only for vocalization, but to touch and feel and explore…and test their limits! Breed Tendencies - The type of breed of dog you have may be a reason why nipping and biting are causing a problem. Learn about Canine Periodontal Disease, including how it affects the health of your dog's overall health, and what options are available to manage this type of dental condition.
How about if the puppy is about 6 months old and mostly Shepard and she thinks nipping (hard) is fun. On this page learn how to stop puppy biting nipping fast and effectively with our selection of the best free puppy obedience training techniques to cure this common problem often associated with puppy separation anxiety & teething and mouthing. It is important to remember that it is quite normal for puppies to want to test their teeth on lots of different things as they develop, but you still need to stop puppy biting before it becomes a major problem.
During the early weeks of their life their mum trained them what to bite, how to bite and the force that they should use – but they still need to practice!

You just need to remember that although it may be normal it isn’t always necessary and you can learn how to train a puppy to stop biting quite easily.
Ok so lets get started with the basic principals that you need to understand to stop puppy biting fast and effectively.
To stop puppy biting and nipping you need to be able to learn how to train a puppy how hard he should bite. Try shaking a can filled with stones ever-time you are bitten – this will startle your puppy into stopping. In fact, mouthing is a natural tendency in puppies as they lose their baby teeth and grow into adulthood.
You can also use a reward system of a treat when they listen to you, showing them that they are doing well by not biting or nipping. This technique will normally stop puppy biting in its tracks but it isn’t loved by everyone.
However, adult dog teeth can cause a lot more damage to humans and other animals than puppy teeth.

These strategies persist because, occasionally, some dogs manage to figure out the rules and stop nipping.
They are impossible to pick up and we are concerned for our two puppies that play out there. Second I wanna point out how important it is they’re calm for about 5 seconds before releasing them.
It’s also important to point out how the hand holding the collar is there for control.

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