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A puppy from around the age of twelve weeks will tend to increase their biting instinct, this will more than likely be due to teething which will no doubt make your puppy want to bite down on something or someone..!
Your puppy will not also have any inhibition at present which means they have no self control on the strength of their bite, and do not know the difference when nipping or biting.

The best way to teach your pup a lesson is to let them play with a dog which is slightly older then them, as a they will not tolerate this kind of behavior as it will cause pain, new puppy owners tend to react with a high pitched OUCH..!
I think I will do that again!” this will more than likely make things worse, what should happen is that you should suddenly stop all interaction and stare, at a dog toy or play object which will then focus your puppies attention on that.

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