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The answer to that one is pure and simple – because it elicits a desired behavior or object from their human, i.e.  the dog gets what it wants!
Make sure the new behavior includes something positive for the dog – in this example it was a fabulous new bed and a chewy treat.  Reinforcement reward can include anything that your dog likes, including attention, treats and toys.

Remember that you may still have your dog engage in original behavior if you have invited him.  He should not, however, demand your attention or action.
Instituting, and living by, a Learn to Earn Program is key in preventing further bouts of attention-seeking behaviors.  Teach your dog that the only way to get anything is to offer an acceptable behavior, such as a sit, to “say please.”  Be consistent in this, and you will be happy to live with and enjoy a well-mannered canine!

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