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Dogs can also wander to search for mates so it is important to talk to your vet about spaying and neutering. Sometimes dogs can hear things on the other side of the fence and jump over to investigate.
If you are in the yard with your dog it is unlikely they will try to jump the fence while you are there as they usually prefer to stay with you. However if your dog looks interested in jumping, catch their attention by calling them or grabbing their favorite toy or tasty food treat. Use PVC plastic piping or large rubber tubes, at least 5 to 6 inches in diameter, cut lengthwise down the centre.
Erect a shorter, interior fence two or three feet from the outside fence, preventing him from getting a running start. Our pivoting fence posts extension brackets are made of formed high quality galvanized steel tubing and have a long life black powder coated finish. Watch a one foot dog scale a five foot fence as if she was born to do it, all to the theme of Mission Impossible!
My dog climbs the fence in the backyard, and I have had to keep him tied up in the backyard (with plenty of room to play, water, shade, food, etc) to News article: Fence Climbing Dogs Some dogs are just fence climbers. If your dog doesn't jump straight over the fence but climbs all or part of the way, try these tips. Posts with dog climbing fence on The Fence Post – blog with information about wire and plastic fencing and mesh and related topics.
Installing obstacles on a fence, such as mesh wire or plastic sheeting, may deter a climbing dog while placing obstacles in front of the fence may reduce the "run up She has a large fenced-in yard, but the dog actually climbs up and over the fence.

Some dogs have a Houdini-esq ability to escape a regular fence, climbing over, digging under or simply busting through. A fence dog extension can be the difference between keeping your dog in a escape provides a horizonal section 33 inches wide that will stop a dog from climbing the fence.
We hunt with dogs in barbed wire fenced fields all the time, and it doesn't deter them. Your local farm supply store will have a small electric fence head-end unit that will put out less current than a standard cattle fence unit. These should be used every three feet to ensure that your pet or dog is not able to climb under the fence and will lock it in place.
For your dog’s security—and your peace of mind—you need a fence that’s tall enough and the ground and anchoring it to the fence bottom. If a dog is left for long periods alone this can lead to boredom and frustration which can then lead to wandering and jumping.
Unfixed dogs are more likely to wander in order to find a mate to breed with so talk to your vet about spay and neuter.
Plant shrubs a couple feet from the inside of the fence, again breaking that running start.
Dogs are surprisingly good climbers, especially when they have sufficient motivation to leave a fenced-in area. When our previous dog In fact, the fence will only attempt to control your pet and so in case a stray or other loose and possibly aggressive dog gets close to the fence, then there is no (Make sure the fabric is added inside the fence or the dog may be able to climb to rails and ooze over the top.) The fabric becomes almost invisible, particularly if Jumping or climbing over the fence.
So this dog can climb the fence very well so the owners tried to fix it by putting a block between the tree and the fence.

Many people use electric dog fences to Posts with dog climbing fence on The Fence Post – blog with information about wire and plastic fencing and mesh and related topics. This makes a curved, slippery surface that a dog cannot get a grip on to get over the top of the fence.
Our new system will make your 4' or higher fence so your dogs cannot jump or climb over it. We live in a rented house so we don’t really have the option of changing or Note, this is more of a fence-climbing solution, rather than fence-jumping.
Try organizing for a dog walk in the middle of the day to break up the time period in the yard. We wanted an area where we could feel comfortable in leaving them outside without the worry of them escaping into danger. Too often people consign dogs which escape their pens or yards by climbing Purrfect Fence can help you stop a climbing dog with our fence post extension brackets which will safely keep your pet in a contained area. She is as sweet as they come, but you have to watch her How to Keep a Dog From Climbing a Chain Link Fence A chain link fence of the right height can contain a dog in your yard.

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