Treating dogs with severe separation anxiety

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Up To 35% Of Dogs Suffer From Separation Anxiety - And Your Dog Could Be One Of Them!I'm sure you know the symptoms: your dog whines or barks constantly. Your dog tears up furniture, chews everything, damages your possessions and goes after almost anything within reach. And it happens when you leave your dog at home – all alone.You’re At Your Wit’s End – But Don’t Give Up Yet!Believe it or not, your dog may be suffering a clinical condition called dog separation anxiety.

You wanted a pet – that adorable dog you fell in love with when you first saw them as a puppy.
The most important thing is to begin curing your dog as quickly as possible.Nobody wants a dog to be suffering from separation anxiety. However, you do owe it to your pet – and yourself, to treat your dog 's separation anxiety.

Despite putting him in an indoor kennel, Barney started biting the wires, and whining the entire time I was gone (I set up a camera to film him while I was out - I highly suggest you do the same).Finally, we realised that Barney was suffering from separation anxiety.

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How to fix dogs with separation anxiety

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