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If you are starting out training by yourself, leave the house and return a few minutes later. There are other methods people use to stop a dog from jumping that involves physical (and in my opinion negative) reinforcement. If you have tried the methods above and nothing is working, it is possible your dog may have an underlying cause for not learning the acceptable behavior.
Have someone walk up to your back door, garage or approach while you and the dog are outside. Many vets can tell stories of misplaced knees hitting the dog in the wrong area or with too much force, and you should not chance injuring your dog. Dogs can regress from training if it is not kept consistent, but you can always start over with the same method that worked the first time.
If you have recently adopted a dog, keep in mind that some behaviors are easily picked up in shelters from other dogs and people. As long as you continue practicing and teaching the same way, the dog will learn and be able to choose the behavior it wants to exhibit. And should be praised cheerfully, but there isn't get coping with or encouraging words, like. Step 3Carry a small treat in your left hand as you begin to walk with him on your left side. If you are already indoors and your dog jumps, turn your back to the dog and cross your arms.

If you are expecting company, make sure to allow plenty of time for exercise and play before the guests arrive to keep the dog relaxed. Their personalities, wet noses, playfulness and kisses are too adorable for words, and their behavior is downright cute. You may even want to crate the dog until everyone has arrived and the dog gets accustomed to the activity, then you can walk the dog around on a leash to meet and greet everyone. Remember to give praise, be patient and be consistent, or seek the help of a professional if needed. If your dog is running toward you and jumps up as a greeting, that momentum meeting your knee can cause serious damage and pain. Some learn quickly while others love to jump, bite and pull on your clothes; making a walk seem like an amusement park ride. If you live alone, you can enlist the help of friends, neighbors or family to stop by and assist with the training. Treats given with praise offer an additional incentive for your dog to follow your directions, and once acclimated to stop jumping you should be able to reinforce the praise without treats. This will help stop the jumping, scratched legs, torn pantyhose and kids being knocked down by an overly excited pet. Positive reinforcement does two things: your dog understands the behavior is acceptable and your dog knows you are pleased.
Keep doing this until the dog does not jump when you walk in the door, and make sure to give the dog praise or a treat to reward the compliance.

Your guests will thank you, and your dog will be a well-mannered welcoming committee for anyone that enters your home.
As he begins to understand what you are expecting, you can eliminate the dog treat while continuing to praise him.
Try practicing this in different areas so your dog learns acceptable behavior but not just at the front door.
If the dog jumps when you walk in the door, give a command such as sit or stay and walk out again. Whenever the dog obeys the command or does not react to the door, the dog is rewarded with a treat and praise. Repeat this until the dog either stops jumping or obeys your command, and reward with praise or a treat. Notice how the dog jumps or heads to the door; this causes the visitor to leave and the door is closed. Once the behavior is learned, the dog will be able to listen to your commands and get praise in return instead of treats. The idea is to have him focus on the treat, not on biting the leash or tugging on your pants.

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