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Boredom: A dog left unattended in a yard can quickly learn that the grass might be greener on the other side.
Lack Of Training: Many owners, especially those with the luxury of a fenced-in yard, have simply not trained their dog. It is never too late to start training your adult dog, or to fix incomplete or improper training.
Once you can put your dog on a stay and walk to the door without him getting up, try turning the doorknob. Using a referee whistle or a regular dog whistle that you can hear, blow a couple of times on the whistle and offer a very high-value treat, such as roasted chicken.

All it takes to reward your dog for taking a stroll out of his yard is an encounter with a friendly neighbor, dog or chasing a squirrel. Lena Skov, owner of Understanding Our Dogs LLC, in Stanley, North Carolina, believes this is a huge factor. You want it to be a treat your dog really gets excited about and a treat you will only pair with the whistle.
Several scenarios or situations play out on a regular basis among my clients with adult dogs. If you are worried about your dog getting loose, put him on a long line and have a family member hold it or anchor it to a heavy piece of furniture.

It only takes one time for a gate to be left open or for a dog to dig under or jump over the fence to find something to do.

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