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Digging is only a symptom of a real problem that you'll need to address before you can expect a behavioral change. It can be infuriating to look out the window and see your dog digging up another hole in the yard. You may yell at him to interrupt the behavior, but most of the time he just ignores you and keeps on digging.
Understand that digging is only a symptom of the real problem that needs be addressed before you can expect a behavioral change. If your dog is digging while you are not at the house, do not reprimand your dog when you come home. Often dogs dig in the yard because it is hot outside and they are trying to cool themselves off in the dirt. Certain breeds like terriers and dachshunds are bred to dig for badgers, so they are predisposed to digging. To designate a digging pit, line an area of soft ground with rocks or boards and bury things that you know the dog will want to dig up like treats and bones. If the dog is digging in one specific area, like a garden, plant chicken wire about an inch from the surface.
Squirt of Water: Using a high-powered squirt gun can startle your pet and stop the behavior. Seeing your dog digging in the yard can be very annoying; but through consistent effort, it can be stopped.
Yes, we need to stop dogs digging in part, but first we need to understand why they dig before encouraging them to stop or minimize it. As you can see, it would be a grave error to insist that your dog is naughty for digging holes.

One controlled way is to have your dog dig in only one spot, if you can do this, then half your battle is won. When you’re at home, dogs are happy and relaxed, but the moment your leave the house; they begin digging. In essence, you need to become the pack leader to stop dogs digging, once your dog knows you’re the leader they will relax even when you’re not around. Meaningful Dog NamesIt is important to choose a dog name with a good meaning, it creates that first step to bonding with your dog. Cat behavior TrainingThe essentials of training a cat are very different to how it's done with a dog. Dog Behavior TrainingPositive reinforcement and operant conditioning are the most beneficial and profitable ways to train dogs.
Dragging him over the hole made hours ago is not only a waste of time but it can teach your dog to dread your arrival at the house. I also suggest setting up a little plastic wading pool for the dog to cool himself off in if it becomes too hot. Dogs often dig in the same place more than once, so when he goes back, he will find it unpleasant and will stop or move to a new location. Since digging is a self-rewarding behavior and most dogs enjoy it, everyone in the family needs to be consistent with curtailing this behavior. Secondly, a dog doesn’t dig up your garden deliberately or spitefully, nor is it an attempt to annoy you or wind you up. Firstly, digging is part of a dog’s natural instinct, and they do it, mostly because it’s fun.
Typically, garden food sends dogs digging crazy so it’s wise to read all labels, check to see if they’re safe.

No matter how little or how much your dog digs; the key to minimize or control digging is to work alongside your dog.
Dogs are very sensitive to energy so choose wisely with our wide selection of meaningful names for your dog. Chilled neck wraps and cooling pads are also available on the market for dogs that easily get too warm.
You can even take the dog over to the digging pit and start digging a little yourself to show the dog what is an acceptable behavior.
If you increase your praise when your dog is chewing on a toy or sunning himself, you increase the chances of your dog doing those behaviors. Make sure your dog does not see you giving a correction; you want the dog to connect the correction to the digging, not your presence. If the dog chooses to dig in that area again, it will be uncomfortable for him to dig where the chicken wire is buried.
Particular breeds such as hunting dogs are natural diggers so it’s already in their DNA to dig.
If your dog is adamant about digging, then walk over and guide them to your pit and encourage them to dig there instead.
I have researched this problem and found in addition to this they may be digging for a water source so keeping outdoor pets water fresh and filled is key also to them not digging!

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