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How to Keep Dogs from Digging Under a Fence GateSome dogs love to escape when confined to a fenced yard, and the easiest way out is often by digging under the gate. The easiest way for a dog to escape is by digging under the gate, since it has a gap under it to allow the gate to swing open and closed. My family’s fenced in backyard is my home, but I like to roam wherever my paws will take me!
One afternoon some neighborhood kids kicked a ball that came zooming over the fence and I was struck with an idea! The Oleballnchain allows your dog to have complete freedom of movement in your fenced in yard, without fear of escape by your dog digging under the fence.

Introducing the simple, affordable, safe, and pet friendly dog containment system, The Oleballnchain. Oleballnchain is committed to providing a safe and affordable product for an effective dog containment strategy for dog owners with either split rail or conventional fenced yards. This model allows gate to open one way while providing a stop for the other direction, keeping your pet from digging underneath or pushing the gate open when closed. I tried to think of ways we could stay safely in our yards without being restricted to a small area by a chain or electric fence or collar.
Well now you can keep your dog from escaping while still allowing him to move freely in the yard.

The Oleballnchain is an engineered dog restraint for dogs up to 50 lbs featuring a proprietary flexible, hollow, air-less, non toxic plastic ball and easy latch snap link, and is made in the USA! Oleballnchain was based on the idea that dogs need to be able to explore their surroundings while remaining safe in their owners yards. The product is designed to allow the pet maximum freedom of movement, yet help the owner keep his dog within his yard.

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