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There is always a logical explanation for why does my dog bark at me or why does my dog bark at other dogs or why does my dog bark at nothing. Sympathetically suggest that perhaps their dogs are in pain, and might need a visit to the vet to ascertain if they are ill. Call local authorities to enforce your area's barking laws.[6] Many local jurisdictions have laws against letting dogs bark all the time. Dogs often bark at night due to boredom, but at times they go overboard which calls for proper ways to stop dog barking at night.
The dog can be exercised in the evening so that during night hours, he will spend most of the time sleeping because he is tired.
You may hear a chorus of dogs howling and barking each night, and before taking action it's important to find out where they are located and to whom they belong. You may think it's obvious that your neighbors' dogs are posing a problem, but chances are they don't realize the noise is bothering anyone else. Inform your neighbors of the reasons dogs commonly bark, and tell them how the issues can be addressed. Make sure their dog house is well insulated and that they have plenty of food and water throughout the day.
Introducing your dog to the trigger could help them understand there's no reason to feel threatened and act unfriendly. The barking dogs might be strays, or your neighbors might not be willing to change their habits or train their dogs. Eventually, the dog behind the fence will associate your walking by with treats and stop barking.
As someone or something gets closer and closer to the dog, the dog will generally bark more and louder, will be extremely alert, and may even display aggression.
As soon as you react, your dog will take that as a sign that he'll get attention when they bark, and the cycle will continue. If you aren't able to spend enough time playing and exercising with your dog, consider hiring someone else to do so. Call a local animal welfare organization if you suspect one of your neighbors is abusing a dog.

Perhaps it's your neighbors' dogs that are disrupting your peaceful evenings and preventing you from sleeping. A dog barking because they are left out all night in the cold, night after night, is in a dangerously abusive situation. These behaviors won't teach your dog to be quiet, they'll teach them to be afraid of you, and that the trigger will bring angry behavior from you. There are toys which are made to challenge a dog mentally; look for them at pet stores or online. Take them to the vet.[3] Sometimes dogs don't respond to the removal of stimuli, training, or other quieting strategies because the cause of their barking is pain or anxiety that can't be addressed through training alone. You may have inadvertently encouraged the barking, especially if she appears pleased to see you.
Many owners immediately respond to the sound of a barking dog by screaming at the dog to be quiet. We have a lovely dog compound with a kennel for her, and along with our seven-year-old Golden Retriever, she seems happy. The first thing to do is give the neighbors a call or knock on their door and politely explain that their dogs are preventing you from getting to sleep.
Put your dog on a leash, so you'll be able to keep them under control if they start wildly barking at the trigger. If the dog starts barking as soon as you expose them to the trigger, you're too close to it. Close the blinds or shades or keep them in a separate room if they bark when people and other dogs come close. Some collars may be set off by loud noise from other dogs and you may end up punishing for barking at night while it has the collar on.
When your dog doesn't behave as you want them to, take a break for a few moments before continuing to practice training techniques. The first few times you try this, your dog may need to be taken from the scene on their leash. Even if your dog is an outside dog, they need a warm place to take shelter when it's cold and rainy. In either case, the first step to quieting dogs' barking is to find out why they're making so much noise; after that, you'll know what action to take to get them to stop.

This teaches the dog that the trigger for barking is actually a trigger for treats instead, and the dog will eventually start looking for treats when it the trigger is around, instead of barking.
Try this routine in increasingly distracting environments until you can control your dog's barking. If you suspect that your dog may be barking because they're sick, take them to the vet to see if they may have an illness that is leading to the barking. If you reward the dog then they're going to think they're doing the right thing by barking.
Start by exposing your dog to the trigger from a distance, then move closer to the trigger in stops and starts.
Some trainers say that speaking loudly actually encourages dogs to bark - they think your loud voice is your way of barking, and they want to join in.
Some dogs bark out of fear, or because they're unfamiliar with what's triggering the barking. Take them to the dog park so they can run around and burn off the extra energy that's causing them to bark. In a neighborhood with a lot of domestic dogs, one dog can be very persuasive at getting the others dogs to join in its nightly barking ritual. Don't stress out if this happens: it may take your dog a few tries to figure out what you want and learn to control themselves. Tell them where the closest dog park is located in case their dogs need to burn off some energy. Wait and make sure your dog has been silent and attentive for a few moments so they don't think you are rewarding them for barking. If your dog has learned how to sit, stay and come, they can learn how to speak or stay quiet on command, too. When you're training your dog to deal with their trigger or be quiet on command, you should never raise your voice, speak in a negative tone or spank them.
If the trigger is a delivery truck or postal worker, for example, try to anticipate when the delivery is coming and give the dog treats right before it starts barking at the trigger.

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