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A couple of weeks after initially kicking the habit (again), I visited a nail salon and asked for their advice.
But do you know that nails are like the mirror which clearly reflects your personality and other characteristic traits. If you have a problem controlling your urges to bite, chew or pick your nails, turn your attention to any one nail. Nails are the most promising place on your body for having bacteria living under them and interaction germs if not washed and cleaned properly. Attire a rubber band on your wrists and every time you start to bite your nails you snap yourself.
Mostly the habit of nail-biting often starts in childhood, and can be a very hard habit to break. Spending the time to paint my nails makes me appreciate the process of growing my nails and the other day when I was tempted to bite at my index finger (my favorite nail to chew down farther than my finger) I was reminded about just how long that it would take to grow. When my nails are grown long enough, or after six weeks, I’ve scheduled a manicure to have my nails painted and my hands treated.
I’ve never been a big manicure girl (probably at least in part because of my nasty nail-biting habit), but a week or so after I quit biting my nails this time, I went to the salon for some pampering.
I knew I didn’t want fake nail tips, but I wanted something to give my nails extra strength. Let that one nail be the victim of your aggression and leave the rest to heal and grow gradually. This way, your nails won't be exposed and biting them will be impossible and an uninteresting affair. It is said that the calmest way to stop biting your nails is to become more relaxed, as nail-biting is often related with pressure and nervousness. Not so lovingly referred to as hobo nails by Jamie, I stopped when I noticed that Olivia had begun to bite hers frequently.
After two weeks, I switched to regular colored polish as a reminder to stay away from biting my nails.
Anti Nail bite for kids, you are likely going to have to apply it twice a day for it to be effective.
I had begun to think about getting rid of some of it because I only used it to polish my toes – but decided against that when I began to grow my nails.

I carried around nail clippers for the first week after I stopped biting my nails and instead of pulling at any rogue hang-nails, I clipped it off and got rid of the temptation that came to bite my nails. For example, aim to grow long, pretty nails in anticipation of an event (a friend’s wedding or the birth of my son worked for me). I ended up with gel polish (more on that in a bit), but just as important was the fact that I was able to relax while beautifying my new nails. So let us make some conscious effort to stop nibbling and abusing our nails and keep them neat and flawless. And the result – chipped off nail paint, skin on the lips chewed and, of course, the bitten nails and pulled out cuticles. You have to persuade yourself to stop putting your finger between your teeth or destroying the cuticles.
When caught in a dull lecture, doodle in your notebook, make random sketches, dismantle your pen, make a paper boat – do whatever you want to but don't bite your nails.
One fine day when you will notice how pretty your fingers look with proper cuticles and unbitten nails, you will stop biting that one nail as well. You must regulate why you bite your nails and then try to subordinate it with your approaches. If you move your hands toward your mouth, try to think of something else or busy yourself in other activities & stop biting your nails. For you, it might be purchasing a fancy hand cream or even something that isn’t nail or shopping-related. Keep your nails polished, hangnails in check, cuticles groomed, nails filed to a reasonable length — whatever works for you.
Sometimes a nerve-racking examination, a stressful job interview or even the ultimate result of a match can easily get us gnawing our nails. Being fully aware of what we are doing at all times can prevent us from subconsciously engaging in biting, pulling or picking our nails and other unwanted habits. So when watching TV or sitting idle, instead of munching on your nails, use a squeeze ball to dodge that habit.
And even if you unmindfully pick or tug your nails, the paint will come off without damaging your nails.
And occasionally spoil yourself with a visit to the salon for nail spa and professional manicures.

Disgusting, I know, but you’re talking to the girl who once bit off a set of gel nails. Her nails are young, and polish doesn’t stay on there very long so I found her with her fingers in her more than once until I realised that we simply need to apply it more for kids. Second, my hands and nails looked so pretty, freshly groomed, super shiny — something to flaunt and be proud of.
This will not only control your urge to pick and bite your nails but will also help you calm your mind.
If nail paints are not your thing, you can always opt for colourless nail lacquers which are even more effective as they have a repulsive taste. When you spend money and time on the maintenance of your nails, you will not be very keen on destroying them anymore.
There are creams you can use to help with the nail biting and it is even safe to use on children.
To stop that, I used the nail treatment not only my nails, but messily applied the clear coat over my cuticles and the sides of my fingernails, where I was most prone to biting.
Looking at the before picture makes me gag a little – and be thankful I was inspired to stop by our own little four year old nail biter. And when it comes to watching a suspense-thriller movie, we always find ourselves at the edge of the seat, anxiously biting our nails while contemplating the next scene.
Practicing mindfulness will not only help you stop your habit of nail-biting but also will make you more focused and aware of the present moment. Thus every time you are about to abuse your nail, your attentive mind will consciously prevent you from doing so. Now every time you want to bite your nails, you will be reminded of your bitter experiences.

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