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Many pet shops have a variety of bitter sprays that you can spray onto the areas of carpet that your puppy tends to chew on. This entry was posted in Uncategorized and tagged carpet protection, Cornerstone Chem-Dry, Cornerstone ChemDry, natural carpet cleaning. We specialize in quality carpet cleaning and many other residential and commercial cleaning services.
Bones are usually more interesting to chew than carpet because they taste better and last longer -- so accommodate Rover with lots of chewable treats.
You can divert your puppy’s attention away from chewing on the carpet to chewing on his or her chew toys.
Here are some great tips on how to keep your puppy from chewing on the carpet and rugs in your home.

However, some items in your home cannot be easily put away or tied up, such as your carpet. Also, test the bitter spray for color fastness by spraying an inconspicuous area of carpet. Chances are he just discovered it and is making the most of the new thing by chewing it to his heart's content. When you leave your puppy at home alone, use safety gates to restrict their access to areas with carpet.
The experience of the bitter taste is sure to keep your furry friend from chewing the carpet in the future.
Or you can get him rubber balls or soft toys to help soothe his gums and stay away from the carpet.

These safety gates are easy to install and are great at protecting the appearance of your carpet. We can help keep your carpet beautiful with our all-natural carpet cleaning services, pet urine odor removal treatments, and carpet protection treatments.

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