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Sorry to be so long winded but I hope through my experience another dog will not suffer and will have a chance to survive.
My dog has just recovered from an incident of moxidectin poisening (Quest horse dewormer) that she acquired from eating the feces of recently wormed horses.
Our vet gives prescription worming to all our horses and other boarders where we keep our horses at the same time, so we can watch the dogs.

I remove feces from pastures everyday and of course the dogs ride in 4wheeler with me and once in a while I would catch them eating the manure.
Please tell anyone you know that has horses and uses daily wormers that the manure is toxic!
With so many horses, and many on the trails with dogs, it is not always easy to keep dogs out of the manure.

Dogs genetically sensitive to the medication have an anomaly that allows the ivermectin to pass the dog’s blood-brain barrier and into its central nervous system, which can be lethal for the animal.

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