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Well truth be told digging is a pretty natural habit that keeps dog active and balanced, so rather than treat it like an undesirable behaviour to be punished or stopped  you should instead offer them alternative outlets for their energy. If you have room in your garden then making up a special digging corner or spot is a fantastic solution to prevent digging in unwanted areas. It can be as simple as having a designated corner that you direct your dog to when they start it dig or it can even be as fancy as making then their own custom sand or dirt box, like in the image above.

If you find  that your dog still returns to dig up flower beds and other areas then it may be necessary to apply some dog safe deterrent to repel them from those areas. If you find your dog is still insisting on digging it may be that you’re not offering them an attractive enough alternative, take a look at our post on keeping your dog entrained for some more ideas or if you really have a problem digger on your hands consider fencing them off a segment of the garden or talk to a trainer or behaviour specialist for advised tailored to your dog and situation. The Bow Wow Times teams has it sights set to be one of the most popular online wagazines for dogs and dog-lovers across the world.

Running with your dog, swimming with your dog, hiking with your dog – there are so many options.

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