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Okay, first, support and sympathies--raising a Doberman puppy can be HELL, though they are well worth it in the end.
Second, please, to be fair to you, to the pup, and to the memory of your prior beloved dog, do not compare the two. Now, I absolutely would NOT recommend or condone using an electronic collar on a three month old puppy--particularly for housetraining issues.
Images: 10 Slow down and back up please do not use a e-collar on a 3 month old puppy they are way too young.

To get my pups to alert me they needed to go potty outside, I trained them with a jingle bell on a rope tied to the door knob. I'm really glad to read you won't use it and will try more positive methods, but I would still highly recommend a puppy class asap.
So long as your pup has had two sets of shots, is parasite free, and gets cleared by your vet, he can go to puppy kindergarten classes.
It really is a must not only for training purposes, but puppies also need to be socialized regularly and classes is a good way to do that.

I would seriously call the manager of the petstore and let them know there is an employee recommending ecollars for 3 month old puppies. Sounds like you are trying too hard and going too fast for you pup take some deep breaths,sounds like you training sessions may be too long you should only train 5-10 minutes twice a day any more your pup will shut down make training fun for your pup.

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