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I brought Paddy (my pup) home when he was 10 weeks old, he had no aggression issues with Kasey, my 5yr old female GSD whatsoever and that continues to be the case, they get on very well together.At approx 14 weeks while out walking on leash (just me and Paddy) a 2 yr old female GSD who was off leash attacked Paddy, i managed to protect him by pulling him into my arms by his leash (i am not proud to admit), it happened very quickly. Our 3 month pup, Ember is teething, we give her multiple chew toys but that just distracted her for seconds then she just goes back to biting.
Hey there!My husband and got our german shepherd puppy at 8 weeks old.From the get go he was biting which we have tried everything in the book to correct and the only thing that seems to work os when my husband ( the Alpha ) yells NO!
I am 12 and I have a six month old German Sheperd and he has went through all the little nips and has got out of it but has now started turning really quickly and growling and biting he has done it 3 times in the last 3 weeks and twice has been to me my dad is the best wih him and makes sure he knows he's done something wrong he's a very subtle dog and normally is good but these have really frightened me and I was wondering if anyone had advice.
My 8 month old German shepherd was a great dog til about a week ago she is now growling at the kids when they go near her! My 7 month old German Shepherd is close with our 11 yr old daughter but with our 6 yr old son he always tries to bite at him, jumps on him and sometimes barks at him.
Hi our 8 week old German Sheppard has become really nasty and aggressive, showing teeth and trying to bite us whenever we interact with him,we have had him since he was 5 weeks old,we were told the puppy was 8 weeks but with a trip to the vet for check up we were informed he was of much younger age! I have a 4 month old German Shepard Puppy that is hyper and bites when hes excited which seems to be often. I have a 3 month old german shepherd and he has started growling and biting when I hold him to correct him or wipe him off with a towel.
I'm not sure how to deal with taking away something from my pup when I think he should no longer have it.
I was thinking about getting a puppy, however everyone in the home is gone during the day. I have a few questions about my pup and being mouthy, pulling and integrating him with our older dog. I plan on getting a puppy in the next few months and have been searching the web for training DVDs.
Our yellow lab is a VERY ACTIVE puppy, however sometime he loves to take your hand and wrist in his mouth and bites down and wants to lick you. I was hoping to speak with you regarding what videos you recommend for training my 3.5 month old imported GSD. My 7 month old Doberman is really smart but she can’t focus for any length of time. My 12 week old puppy has been fearful of steps and today she ignored my command to approach the steps.

We have a heat wave and humidity these days here in Mass and were concerned if she gets enough fluids.
I'm getting a puppy from a breeder and there are only 2 males so I will not get to choose my pup. This resulted in Paddy getting into a panic and me almost getting into a fight with its owner. Our other dog is a 5 year old lab who is very senstitive and sweet so she won't growl at her to let her know to quit.
When hes eating I try to pet him and he gets mad and growls, I mean he's an 8 week old baby and I'd like to correct that behavior as soon as possible. He is a high drive pup (super hyper) always biting and when we say "NO" he gets more aggressive and the fur on his neck starts to stand. German Shepherd puppy has always had problems with nipping and biting, but recently, it's been getting out of hand.
His name is Archer.So throughout the day we play a lot, I'll take him for walks, and I try to get him out as much as possible. It's strange though because this dog woofs down his food like he's starving and from the beginning we had our kids pet him and even put their hands in his food and he could care less, kids are always taking their toys out of the dogs mouth and are always interacting with the dog and play a lot with him with no problems and my 3year old son has had no problems with him nor myself or my husband we are at a loss and are getting more worried about him, he will eventually be around 90lbs and that terrifies me to think what he could do to one of my children ! I have read that the first 6 months to a year it is very important for your dog to meet lots of dogs and people.
We play with the puppy inside but always on a leash and never more than 30-40 minutes, to let my children get used to him so they are not startled by his movements.
I desperately want to get my dog used to other dogs, but I don't know anyone else that either understands that way of thinking or has a dog suitable for doing so. I notice that when I pick her up, she seems to get really upset and bites me as well as growl.
I rescued a 12 week old German shepherd and I already have a 2 year old and a 11 month old westie.
At night however he lays on my stomach or chest and starts licking me and then goes to sleep laying on me. I would consider these actions play biting however he gnarles at me and barks so to me that doesnt seem playful. He thinks we may need to get rid of him but I would love to keep him if we can find a solution.

I have even noticed that he will try to hold her or play "a little to rough" with her and she gets mean and growls and bites. The 2 yr old has clearly established herself as pack leader butThe problem is with the shepard and the little one. He has attended a private training class at 10 wks old and she said I was doing all the right things. I don't understand why he does this, and how to prevent and eliminate this behavior.We've tried giving him timeout then we would go back to him and where he would appear to be normal for about 5 minutes, then resume his frenzy. He gets lots of attention and walks and we have tried to let him know that he is not the pack leader. We lost our Lab mix in March and our other dog has been ver depressed and get so excited when she is aropund other dogs and we have alweays had two so we decided to get one at 6 month instead of 8 weeks. Constantly stalking her, pouncing on her, biting her till she yelps and using his huge body to to hurt her. He has to sit and stay before he gets food or is allowed out the door or before he gets a favorite toy. Our concern is the biting, he bites often, he is unprovoked, he will walk up and latch on and he does not like to let go; his bite is getting stronger and his little teeth are like needles. His bites have drawn blood, this is not regular puppy biting, any suggestions would be appreciated.
Her socialization is limited, however, I plan to take her to a facility with other puppies after she has her second round of vaccinations.Please help me help my puppy!!!! I want to keep her and make her a long lasting family member but i dont know how to stop this type of aggression, i also dont want to worry about my son when i am in the other room.
Often times when I do pick him up, he'll start the puppy nipping some more, and sometimes, when I do say "No!" in a stern voice he'll start to demonstrate more signs of aggression (i.e- curled lips, teeth showing, low growling, aggressive biting). There are some times though, when it seems like he gets tired of us telling him what to do - especially with the "DOWN" command to get him to lay down.

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