Treating dogs with severe separation anxiety

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There are many things that can be done through out the day during your day to day interactions with your dog that can help this process.  The following are general rules that can be employed to help decrease anxiety and begin to create a normal bond (as apposed to the abnormal pathologic bond that is the culprit here). While sitting on the couch (or anywhere else for that matter), do not allow him to drape himself over you or be right next to you as if he were attached.  On the floor, near you is okay, but not touching you. This entry was posted in Anxiety, Barking, Daycare, Destructive Behavior, Dog Behavior, Dog Training, Fear, Fearful, House Training, Howling, Scared, Separation Anxiety, Uncategorized and tagged Separation Anxiety by DrMark. I am sure I have escalated the problem by spending too much time with him the first few days I was home and allowing him to follow me everywhere.
However, he yelps and barks endlessly when I put him in his 2’x 6’ exopen to leave for work and he does the same when he hears my car pulls up.
The accidents he is having that occur in from of you or while you are home are not due to separation anxiety (SA).

With the barking in the crate at night, an easy fix would be to put the crate in your bedroom. Dogs with separation anxiety can be a challenge, but there is hope if you have the time and the patience to handle it. Be aware of your dogs state of mind and do not forget to reward even the most tiny hint of increased relaxation.  If you find your dog becoming stressed while practicing gradual departures, STOP!  Go back a duration that did not cause stress, and end the exercise for the time being.
I just got a labradoodle puppy a little over a week ago and we are definitely dealing with separation anxiety issues.
With granma, my wife Pat she wants to take walks, with me when she hears the keys she know’s she probably going to get a ride.
Wife will be going back to school soon and this will enhance the problem, as she runs back and forth for 10-15 minutes till she realizes that granma is gone for a while.

But I got too comfortable with him being such a “good boy” that I gave him too much freedom.
I have a great a great young woman who runs a small kennel for boarding and usually takes my dog home with her at night.I am torn between taking this little sweetie and taking a chance of taking on a really big problem.

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