Treating dogs with severe separation anxiety

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My dog has separation anxiety and only shows this behavior when I am the person leaving her.
My husband and I have a pup, who shows real signs of separation anxiety and appears to be a clingy puppy. I ended up using a bark collar on my dog in a crate to teach her to be quiet, I have found that vocalizing seems to build the stressed behavior that goes along with separation anxiety. I have found that the sensitive dogs are the most likely to have this problem, but you have to be firm about it or it can escalate into a real neuroses. Separation anxiety can result from suffering a traumatic experience, such as a major earthquake or becoming lost in unfamiliar surroundings.

Unfortunately, sometimes separation anxiety just isn’t preventable, especially with an older dog. The problem I have been having with him is I think he may have a bit of a separation anxiety issue. Dog training is not rocket science its simple common sense ideas on how to handle and train a dog,  The DVD has over 3 hours of training information. Dogs who’ve been properly introduced to their crate tend to feel safe and secure in this private den.
We give this video to all of our puppy customers and we never get questions on how to raise a pup.

In some cases, dogs prefer the sanctuary of a crate to being left alone in a big open house. In fact, a diagnosis of separation anxiety in no way precludes a healthy and happy existence for your dog.

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