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Earlier this week, we posted about the ten dog breeds with the most and fewest bites in Denver, featuring material culled from a new 9News study.
To read Maher's feature article on Denver's pit bull ban, click here.Send your story tips to the author, Michael Roberts.
See more images like this one in our 2009 post Leaked: Photos of Pit Bulls Killed Due to Denver Ban. What is notable is the significant drop in dog bites of all breeds, from 1,146 in 1990 to 305 in 2008.

Since there's no reliable doggy census, it's nearly impossible to know if one breed bites more often than another.Proponents of breed bans, such as Denver Assistant City Attorney Kory Nelson, instead argue that pit bulls are more dangerous because, when they do bite, the injuries they inflict are more serious. Counties without pit bull bans -- Boulder, El Paso and Jefferson -- showed fewer people going to the hospital dog bites.Denver has impounded 5,286 dogs under its pit bull ordinance [as of 2009].
Last year, 354 pit bulls were impounded.The more pit bull that are impounded, the more pit bulls are euthanized. As this list reveals, out of nine reported dog attack fatalities in the state since 1980 [to 2009], pit bulls were responsible for two.

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