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Before knowing about how to get a puppy to stop biting, it is important for you to know about why do puppies bite. If puppies find them in very stressful situation, then it can bite to defend its territory or itself. If you select to own a puppy, then you must educate yourself to make pet a liable canine citizen.
Below given are some of the proven techniques you can use on how to stop a puppy from biting. The general rule on how to stop puppies from biting is to always cheer acceptable behavior as well as discourage unacceptable behavior.
When you are attempting to stop puppy from biting, never play tug-of-war, chase or wrestling type games with your puppy.

Nasty-tasting fingers and hands: There are some products on market that when sprayed on your fingers and hands, your pet will not like the flavor of and it will set him off nipping and biting. How to stop puppy biting: teaching your pup bite inhibition as well as preventing him from biting can take four weeks to complete effectively, so you have to be patient.
Chewing is normal behavior for pups but becomes unwanted behavior when they are directed towards inappropriate objects such as furniture, shoes or even your feet and hands. They miss their baby teeth from 4 to 6 months as well as their adult teeth start to develop in at 6 to 10 months. Animals can feel our emotions, so imagining the dog is not before you will help it know you are not a threat.
Puppy nipping or biting begins out as a little fun, but requires to be controlled quickly for avoiding ongoing problems.

Dog can bite to guard something which is highly valuable to them, such as their food, their puppies or a toy.
When you use solid contextual of training, you canine will know basic-commands and have good sense of wrong and right. On how to stop puppy biting, there are lots of training methods that help to correct your puppies behavioral problems. Once your puppy starts to nibble your hands just leave a firm command “No” and replace the hands with chew toy.

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