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If you've noticed recently that your doggie has developed an unusual habit of digging obsessively into your living room carpet, don't just dismiss it as silly and wacky canine behavior. EntertainmentIf you're noticing that your dog's digging habit is pulling up bits of your carpet, consider the possibility that the cutie is just bored. Breed TypeThe Humane Society of the United States reports that your dog's breed type may have something to do with his digging. Separation AnxietyYour dog may also be digging into the carpet to soothe her separation anxiety. It can be incredibly frustrating trying to stop your rabbit chewing and digging your carpet or other floor surfaces, spoiling time that should be spent having fun and relaxing.
Unfortunately its very hard to train your house rabbit not to chew your carpet which most rabbits do at one time or another. In this article we look at some of the tried and tested methods other rabbit owners use to stop this behaviour. If your rabbit is constantly picking on an area of carpet, for instance at the edge or corner of the room then one of the simplest and also effective things to do is to place a cardboard boxes over the top of it. Sometimes a more general areas of damage can develop, this can be in an area where you rabbit like to sit or a thoroughfare between rooms. A simple way to provide some temporary protection is to lay some ceramic tiles over the areas of the carpet that are becoming focus for damage when your rabbit is roaming freely. Your carpet can be being eaten by your rabbit because it is seeking out materials it can chew. It can be difficult to prevent your rabbits instinct to dig, if you stop the problem in one place it can just reappear somewhere else.
If the carpet becomes a focus of attention and nothing seems to work then as a last resort you could try keeping a water mister to hand, you really need to catch your house rabbit in the act for this to be in any way effective then when you do a short blast of cold mist and the word 'NO' will help make this less appealing.
Rabbits are very good diggers and construct elaborate systems of burrows that go many meters into the ground. Next lay some plain white paper towels, or a white cotton cloth or towel over the area and carefully apply pressure to the area drawing the stain out. To dry the carpet completely put a layer of white paper towels over the spot and weighing them down with something that won't stain if it gets wet. Bitter sprays can help make the carpet a lot less appealing to chew on however they are not a single solution and need to be used alongside other bunny proofing. If you rabbit pees on the sofa make sure you remove any smell or it's likely to happen again.
We are a community of house rabbit enthusiasts with a specific interest in sharing our experiences of living with these special pets.
Digging on the carpet before lying down might seem strange to humans, but for dogs it is nothing more than a natural instinct passed down from their predecessors.
Dogs did not always have the luxury of sharing space with humans who could provide them with safe and comfortable places to rest. The bottom of a dog’s paws release a unique scent that is enhanced by scratching the ground. Wild dogs would sometimes dig into the ground to enhance comfort by gathering leaves into a pile. It is frustrating when your dog digs anyplace without apparent reason, but when the excavation centers over the prized oriental rug, it's time to come to terms with Rover. Outside digging is easier to understand than the indoor grubbing up of blankets and rugs, but they are actually the same behavior.
In the wild, dog ancestors would have dug out rodents or other prey, possibly grubs or even tubers to eat.

Dogs dig around for a multitude of reasons, from simple boredom to the stress and loneliness of separation anxiety.
According to the ASPCA, members of the dog family, such as the wolf, frequently dig up cozy dens to shelter their young away from the harsh elements.
For example, terriers throughout history have been trained to seek out, dig up and hunt mice living in the ground. If you spot your doggie digging, it may be because she's trying to conceal something she likes for later consumption or play -- pretty practical, actually. Find out how other bunny owners stop carpet chewing when saying 'NO' doesn't seen to work such as using ceramic tiles or boxes to cover trouble areas, or how to make a digging box that works by providing an acceptable alternative to this otherwise unstoppable behaviour. No matter how many times you tell them to stop their natural instinct to dig and chew is very strong and their wild side will always take over. You can leave the box open and maybe put some material inside so your rabbit can dig in it or you can keep it closed and cut some holes in it to turn it into a hide out. This will keep the carpet down and stop your rabbit gaining purchase, they will hopefully then get bored of playing in this area and forget about it.
It is essential to enrich your rabbits environment with some toys that will let it exercise this behaviour and keep your rabbit out of trouble. Alternatively, each time you house rabbit chews on the spot put him away in his enclosure for a short time. It can be hard to discourage this instinctive behaviour which can result in them trying to lift up your carpet or flooring. You can apply the spray directly to the affected area or to help stop the spray going everywhere you can also spray some into a cloth then wipe the liquid on.
We like posting tips on enriching our rabbits environments, preventing damage to our homes and making them safe for our rabbits to inhabit. The natural urge to dig allows dogs to tap into their primal side to claim territory, have fun or just get comfortable.
Wild dogs would employ digging behaviors to create secure nests where they could safely relax. Digging into the carpet or any other surface that they plan to rest on allows dogs to leave their scent as claim for the territory.
Warm temperatures may inspire a dog to dig at the floor in an attempt to find cooler ground. Dogs that have excess energy or are bored sometimes use digging behaviors to release pent-up energy and have a good time.
While dogs are instinctively inclined to engage in digging behaviors, torn carpets, scratched floors, or unwanted holes in the yard may become a problem for some pet parents. Your dog doesn't know the difference between removing rocks or dirt and moving man-made things that are in his way when he is looking for a comfortable resting place.
Dogs often exhibit destructive behavior under stressful circumstances such as during thunderstorms or when you leave them alone. When not writing she can usually be found puttering in her extensive gardens or exploring the national forest next door with her dogs. If you notice your dog digging around into your carpet, perhaps the poor thing is either feeling a little too hot or cold at the moment and is using his instincts to try to figure out a smart solution.Although it may seem more natural for dogs to dig around in dirt, the ASPCA states that the furry ones also frequently engage in the habit with furnishings and carpeting. If you catch your Jack Russell terrier in the act of pounding into your carpet, he may just be fulfilling an innate urge -- nothing too alarming. The digging may also be a way for a dog to attempt to get out of a situation that is making him unhappy -- essentially, a quiet home. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in American literature from Aoyama Gakuin University in Tokyo.

This is why its important to take action as soon as you notice this problem because not only will it lead a significant amount of damage the constant distraction of having to jump up and stop this behaviour can spoil the time you are supposed to be spending relaxing and enjoying their companionship. This will then stop your rabbit getting to the carpet and hopefully give it an something more fun to do that is also an acceptable alternative to you. To help prevent this always enrich your rabbit environment with some safe and acceptable alternatives that can act as a tasty distraction. Try placing a cardboard box with an old phone book in it over a trouble spot that your rabbit can dig in. Remember to keep reapplying the bitter spray regularly so it doesn't loose its effectiveness. Dogs that dig into the carpet before lying down are simply exercising a primal urge to build a safe sleeping area.
In cooler temperatures, dogs may use digging behaviors to build a warm, cozy den in which to relax.
While humans might find it to be a strange source of entertainment, most dogs enjoy engaging in digging behaviors. He wants a cool spot to lie down on when he's hot, or a warm nest when he's cold, and if he has to dig to China or through your carpet to find that ideal spot, he will do it come hell or high water. When he isn't digging to retrieve food, your dog may be digging to put away a tasty morsel -- like that leftover bone -- for a midnight snack. This is not a deliberate act of revenge because you went to work without him, nor is it a fully thought-out response to other stressors in his environment.
Don't be surprised if your dog starts digging on your carpet when good, old-fashioned soil isn't available. Digging into a carpet may just be a way for him to blow off some steam, have some fun and even get a little exercise, too. These can be easily packed away when not needed and when they become tatty can be simply thrown away. There are many chew toys that can be bought from pet stores such as, willow sticks, wicker toys and and grass mats, there are also lots of free alternatives you can use like cardboard boxes and toilet roll tubes. Rabbits, especially Doe's like to pull up soft materials to make a nest with so keep an old towel handy that they can use to arrange. Avoid home made remedies such that may be suggested to you such as perfume or chilly oil as these can be harmful to your rabbit and never use the spray on your rabbit as a punishment.
It gives them something to do to pass the lonely hours when you're at work or too busy to play.
Make sure you use a box without heavy ink or varnish and remove any tape you staples first. If you are worried about cost you could always see if your local carpet store has any cheap offcuts. Head off destructive digging from boredom by giving your dog plenty of mental and physical stimulation each day. If your pup is seriously digging in one spot, you might try checking under the rug to see if you missed something last time you vacuumed. For quiet times and rainy days, exercise his brain by hiding treats in odd places for him to sniff out, or use well-made and sturdy treat dispensing toys like Kong, IQ Treat Ball, Linkables or similar toys, he can safely play with when you are home to supervise, but too busy for outdoor play. Ask your veterinarian or a reputable dog psychologist for recommendations for helping your dog cope with his anxiety.

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