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You can love a dog all you want, but when they seem to be barking constantly, all the love in the world won't help. If you tried all the patience in the world and nothing is working, TV's own dog whisperer, Cesar Millan, says that there's nothing wrong with seeking the help of a professional. Wake up earlier to walk your dog longer than usual, play ball with them after work, or find a park nearby where you can unleash them to run during the weekend. A dog's diet is one of the biggest influences on its health, longevity, and overall quality of life.
The Humane Society says they are "consistency and attitude." By which they mean YOU set the rules.

Dogs are loyal, funny, smart, and love nothing more than cuddling up beside you for a session of napping and maybe some butt-scratching.
Once you've figured out what's causing the behavior and learn how to address it, the whole barking dilemma is a thing easily solved! The next time your dog barks, break their concentration by banging on the table, slamming a dresser drawer, or shaking a can of coins. Help them spend time with others dogs, go to dog parks, or have supervised visits with other pet owners.
I even have a bottle in the car as their barking is really hard on the nerves in close quarters.

As soon as any stimulus is removed, your dog will forget that it was ever a bother to them. Interrupting them like this may startle them so they forget why they were barking at all.

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