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Siberian huskies are known for being a high-energy breed that can get destructive if not trained correctly.
Cover up holes your husky already dug in the yard, so they don't trigger his memory to dig there. Your husky digs because of his natural instinct to make a shelter and hide his food in the wild. Huskies have a strong prey drive, and they want to hunt and seek out scents whenever they find them. You can deter him from his desire to dig by distracting him with other activities and keeping an eye on him in the yard. If your husky is hunting rodents or animals that burrow in your yard, he'll dig and dig until he finds them.
If you play with your dog or train him every time he goes in the backyard, he will stop thinking the yard is a place for digging and start thinking that it is a place for playing or training. If your husky doesn't get enough daily exercise, he's very likely to get destructive, and most huskies' go-to destructive activity is digging. If you leave your pup outside when it's too hot or cold, he may dig to cool himself off or find a more comfortable shelter.

Build a doghouse to give your pup a comfortable place to lie when he's outside, and never leave him out there in extreme conditions. They have sturdy paws with naturally webbed toes to help keep them on top of the snow when they run.
These webbed toes can also really scoop and throw the dirt and snow as they set to digging a hole. If they like playing in the water, try giving them a wading pool with a few inches of water in the bottom of it to help keep them cool.
Make sure that you use safe non-poisonous methods for getting rid of those pests.BoredomHuskies are a working breed of draft dog that were bred to run.
When they are not given adequate breed specific physical exercise they will become bored and they will start looking for things to keep them busy. If they are not taken on daily walks or if they do not have adequate opportunity to regularly greet and sniff other dogs, they may decide to escape their confinement to find their own Husky adventure. The local rescues always have a surplus of stray Huskies who have done their best Houdini impression.
The only problem is that they will probably abandon this hole only to start on digging a new fresh hole.Bury large rocks in the holeYou can add large heavy rocks in the hole and then bury them.

This does nothing to keep them from digging new holes.Fill the hole with water to create soupy mudThis will work if your Husky does not like getting his paws wet or muddy.
There are some Huskies who have no problem digging and playing in the mud.Blow up a small balloon and bury it in the holeAs they are digging and hit the balloon it makes a loud pop as it explodes. Please be very careful that your dog does not swallow the broken balloon.Set up your sprinkler near the holeAs soon as the dog comes to dig, turn on the sprinkler.
Of course playing in the sprinkler may just distract him from wanting to dig in the hole.Canned airUse canned air to add an unpleasant loud SSSSHHHHT sound when he approaches the hole. This too only works as long as you are standing there.Remember digging holes is a natural activity for dogs.
There are things you can do to curtail this activity or at very least direct it to a not so objectionable spot but digging is just too hardwired an activity to eliminate in some Huskies.As always, we welcome your comments, questions and your stories regarding this topic.

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