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The reason most puppies will jump up at people is their way of saying hello and being excited to see you. If someone is at the door make your puppy sit before opening the door- if they then jump up at your visitor as you open the door, pull your puppy straight back into the sit position and explain to your visitor the above procedure. The two biggest factors in teaching your puppy not to jump up are consistency and practice. They can either take it as reward, as they are getting attention for jumping up and this will encourage them to keep doing it or they will get even more excited and jump up even more. It may be once or twice a day on a regular basis when you come home from work or someone visits your house.

They always have time to listen and offer advice…no matter how busy they are or how silly your questions or concerns are!!!
It is important to correct this behaviour when your dog is a puppy, otherwise it can become a leant behaviour and a very hard habit to break. If the telling off is severe enough, it may stop them in the moment but will not solve the continued problem in the long term. If sometimes we ignore the puppy when they jump up or sometimes we reward them with attention, it will get confusing for them and they will not realise what they are doing is undesired behaviour. If you pick your puppy up and cuddle them, they will calm down but they will never learn the vital life skill of learning to calm themselves down when they are on the floor.

Consistency is extremely important, so everyone must be teaching your puppy the same thing and following your rules.

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