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First up, we announce our 6 very lucky winners of the Win Free ZiwiPeak Dog Food competition, we ran in the USA.
This month’s top training tip from Susie Jones explains how to teach the quiet command, a very useful tip for all those yappy, “talkative” canines out there. Quite often we get questions from our pet parents about our products… we love answering these because we know our customers are discerning and want only the best for their four legged friends, (we understand because we feel the same about our own).
ZiwiPeak air-dried food has a shelf life of 21 months from manufacture provided it’s unopened.
We have had a few exciting new comers to the ZiwiPeak team, and a few more to come in 2015.
Having previously lived and worked in the Food industry in the UK , USA (20 years) and more recently at home in NZ ,  my involvement with ZiwiPeak has rekindled my enthusiasm for marketing high Quality NZ goods.
For the necessary work life balance my wife and 3 university age kids keep me grounded and I enjoy spending my free time partaking in as many outdoor activities as I possibly can”. Keep reading, we have a ton of other read worthy topics for you to enjoy, including another great ‘Top Tip’ from dog trainer Susie Jones. Don’t forget to pass it on… We would love you to share Paw Prints with other pet lovers you know, so they too, can benefit from being a part of the Paw Prints pack!
It has been another great year at ZiwiPeak with a heap of exciting activities happening all around the world. We have welcomed a new puppy, 2 new kittens and 2 dogs to our ZiwiPeak team in New Zealand. We love opening our inboxes and seeing a new email article sitting there from Dr Peter Dobias. Plants and animals (or humans) need bacteria to exist and in reality there is only a very small proportion of pathogenic bacteria that cause disease. Disease and cancer prevention – many people are not aware that most of the immune system capacity is located in the bowel. High carbohydrate and starchy diets have a tendency to disturb the bacterial balance and promote the growth of pathogenic bacteria. The fear of bacteria and the lack of understanding how important they are is the main reason why so many people continue use of very strong and toxic disinfectants in their households or on their hands.
I am just joking, however based on a study comparing children living on farms in and cities it is documented that children growing up on farms have 3x lower rates of allergies.
Scary cleaning product commercials create the impression that bacteriae are ready to attack us at any moment. Now you know why we all should celebrate bacteria, use probioticsand be grateful for their tireless and hard work. There is nothing more rewarding for us than hearing about both dogs and cats thriving on ZiwiPeak.
I have fed ZiwiPeak Daily Dog raw pet food to my dogs for the past two years, with wonderful results. I decided to register Tabby for the radioactive iodine therapy and was advised to desist applying the Methamizole two weeks prior in order to aid the effectiveness of the treatment.
After this, I was advised to put Tabby straight back on the Methamizole (even though it didn’t seem to be working) and take her home with a couple of diuretics and daily checks of her heart rate. So I collected two trays of the tinned cat food and threw out all of the Science Diet and other expensive tins and sachets purchased from the pet store.
I am so happy to say that one month later, both animals have the softest coats and my dear Tabby’s latest T4 readings have fallen back to a normal 23!
The easiest way to stop your dog from jumping on the furniture is not to allow it from the beginning.
Start with inviting the pup up for a cuddle – give a command-‘cuddle time’ and pat the couch where you want the pup to sit – then say –‘cuddle time’ and allow the puppy up.
If the puppy jumps up without you inviting it say ‘OFF’ and gently but firmly, take the puppy by the collar and take it off the couch.

If you don’t want the puppy on the furniture at all – then never invite it up and start with the three strikes rule – don’t make the mistake of chasing the puppy all over the couch and the chairs to try and catch it – this is a great game and puppies love it!! In the November issue of Paw Prints we introduced our readers to Kensey, our South West Territory Manager in the USA. Special thanks to all the retail store owners and staff who helped promote this competition. It has been another busy year at ZiwiPeak with a ton of exciting events around the world, new product launches, formulation improvements and more.
These stories touch our hearts as they are the result of all of our hard work that we put in to every aspect of our production process at ZiwiPeak. We kicked the year off with a bang with the launch of our new single protein formulations for dogs and cats – Beef!
The smallest member of the pack – The 454g (16oz) is perfect for customers with smaller dogs or who want to buy a starter pack size.
It’s natural to want to make your dog or cat feel included in the family festivities, but sneaking them a little slice of Pie is maybe not the best choice and the wrong treat can possibly lead to serious health issues. It seems that our society has fallen for the bacterial drama and the exaggerated media reporting that has turned bacteriae into life destroying monsters. Unfortunately, the life giving good bacteriae have now been battered for decades by antibiotics and chemicals which gives more space to resistant pathogens – superbugs. Sugar and starches also affect the pH of the digestive tract which can cause digestive disturbances, infections and metabolic problems. Perhaps you remember some of the food or drinking water related scandals related to Salmonella or E.coli. This is likely due to more robust immune system from constant low grade exposure to bacteria from the environment.
The paradox is that the chemicals in cleaning products are likely to be more harmful to you and your dog and are the main reasons for spread of superbugs. This year, we have heard stories about speedy recovery times, overcoming renal issues, allergies being eliminated, smoother and shinier coats, increased energy and vitality, improved digestion… and the list goes on! I thought I would never find a dog food that didn’t have any ingredients she was allergic to – they all had a filler or two hidden somewhere! One week into this and Tabby’s breathing became rapid at above 30 breaths per minute, her heart rate in the high 200 bpm. If the usual treatments for hyperthyroidism was not open to us, then I had to look more closely at her diet. Many people with small puppies pick them up for a cuddle on the couch or put them on the couch for a sleep. When you want the dog off the couch – then say “OFF’ in a stern voice and put the puppy on the floor. Give the puppy two chances only – ‘OFF’ and taken off couch – if it jumps up a second time – ‘OFF’ and taken off the couch.
Be Firm and clear with the command ‘OFF’ say it like you mean it and don’t ever invite the puppy up. Kensey was busy in November at the Healthy Spot Howl-o-Ween parties, and the fun hasn’t stop with the Howliday parties! We have another issue packed full of information to keep you informed and inspired on achieving optimal health & wellbeing for the pets you love. We received over 1500 entries, from pet parents who really care about the quality of their dog’s food.
It’s great to have you with us to share the joy and love for the 4 legged friends in our lives!
Our 100% New Zealand grass fed beef products have had a fantastic response from customers all around the world and has certainly had the ‘bark’ and ‘meow’ of approval.
We agreed to make the change and worked extremely hard for some time to find a suitable alternative.

Make sure your family and friends are aware that our four legged friends should not get the same treats the kids get. In this article Dr Dobias doesn’t disappoint… he gives us the 101 on bacteria in raw food.  Enjoy!
I do not want to discount the serious nature of some of these, however, these occurrences are relatively rare in comparison with the number of people dying from starvation or even the side-effects of drugs.
In all these years, I had only one case of a questionable diagnosis of salmonelosis in a dog and it was not confirmed that the food was the source.
However, recently we were told by our vet, despite increasing the dosage, that Tabby was becoming immune to Methamizole as a treatment. Our vet administered Tabby with a beta blocker to slow her heart rate down but unfortunately Tabby reacted badly and lost her faculties on the vet floor.
After all, it was probably feeding Tabby supermarket pet food (despite paying top price for them) that resulted in Tabby’s decline in health anyway. The vet asked me what I had been doing and I said the only change I had made was to Tabby’s diet. As the puppy grows it’s no longer fun having to share the couch with a fully stretched out dog and you have just a corner. If the puppy jumps up a third time say ‘OFF’ then don’t just take it off the couch either put it in a crate or in another room for a time-out. We also have a holiday message from our ZiwiPeak directors of pet well-being – Coco & Chanel!
That’s because our ZiwiPeak beef has none of the harmful non-meat ingredients of other beef formulations such as grains, carbohydrates, and fillers.
It’s proving to be a welcome addition to the family and we are pleased pet parents are enjoying the new size.
Our improved formulations include the totally natural gelling agent Agar-Agar, which is the perfect substitute thanks to its natural plant based origin and nutritional benefits.
Most people are not aware that more than 100,000 people in North America die every year from this cause. Pet parents have warmly welcomed the improvements and are pleased that we finally made the change. Instead, let them enjoy a fresh meaty bone or a fantastic ZiwiPeak real meat treat  – they will enjoy that more anyway! ZiwiPeak is a NZ brand that uses only natural game in their pet foods, a diet more consistent with a cat’s (and dog’s) makeup and health. Tabby no longer needs any beta blockers or diuretics and I am hoping to start reducing her dosage of the methamizole soon too!
The puppy was allowed up there and now you have changed the rules and suddenly it’s not allowed up there any longer!!!! You have to be persistent and not give in – eventually the dog will only jump up when invited as it is then allowed to stay there for longer and settle with you. This is normally the time of year when her allergies take a turn for the worst, so this is a completely unexpected blessing.
It was so sadly obvious, that they didn’t have the proper nutritional support during those crucial early months of life. I discovered that this food could not be purchased at any supermarket or pet food outlet which brought me to the door of Irene Hess-Oates at “Nutrition and You”.
Irene advised me over the phone that other clients’ pets had benefited greatly from the ZiwiPeaks diet. It wasn’t long after I started them on this raw diet, that l noticed their coats had become glossier, and their vitality increased.

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