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Puppies have a hard time sleeping through the night and your little guy may have an accident in his crate occasionally. Well, you might say that, but your puppy doesn't care, so it's time to use a few tools and a command to stymie his attempts at shredding his pad.
And while you're probably dreading the thought of having pee pads strapped to your floor by duct tape or something similar, fear not. Just a thin application should do; you just want to discourage him from shredding the pad to pieces, not from ever going near it.
A good selection of toys makes it less likely he'll become bored and bolt for his training pad to tear it into pieces.

When you first begin crating him, he'll probably throw a fit and beg you to let him out by launching an attack on your ears with constant howling and whining.
Pee pads can be used for smaller dogs in lieu of a litter box and outside training, but sometimes feisty puppies simply will not leave their pads alone, and you can't always catch him in the act. Stop feeding him about two to three hours before bedtime, let him out immediately before you crate him and take him out again if he wakes you in the middle of the night. Most holders come with a straps or buckle that keeps your pup from easily tearing out the pad when he grabs a corner with his mouth.
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Place the holder on the ground, insert the pad, secure it to the holder and your pup will be hard-pressed to remove what he thinks is a chew toy. Lure him into the crate at first with treats; don't throw his furry butt in against his will.

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