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Few pet topics generate such heated debate as whether or not you should let your dog eat chicken bones. Dogs are scavengers at heart, and they will quickly swipe a chicken bone out of the trash bin or even off your plate if they get an opportunity. It should first be noted that there is a significant difference between feeding a dog raw chicken bones or cooked bones. Raw chicken bones contain valuable nutrients that a dog can use, and Lonsdale believes raw, meaty bones should be the bulk of a dog's diet.
Raw chicken, including the bones, is a staple of the healthy raw diet that some owners provide their pets. The carcasses of low-fat game animals, like chickens, provides some of the best food for meat eaters like dogs.

According to the FDA, which issued and advisory against feeding all bones in 2010, the possible risks outweigh the advantages of feeding bones, and this includes chicken bones. The controversy over whether or not it's safe to feed chicken bones to dogs will likely remain lively for a long time to come, so owners need to make their own decision about what to feed their pets.
Some people say it's natural for dogs to eat these bones; others say they're a medical emergency waiting to happen.
Your pet may need an x-ray to determine if one or more pieces of bone are causing a serious problem that requires medical intervention.
Raw bones are somewhat flexible, and dogs are usually able to grind them down small enough to be digested without much difficulty.
Two other dog owners have come forward since, after their dogs became sick from eating the same ham bone dog treat, luckily they both recovered.It's an incredibly sad story, and the only thing we can take away from it is to spread the news as far and wide as possible to avoid cooked or cured bones entirely.

After cooking, chicken bones become dry and brittle, and they tend to splinter as a dog tries to chew them. Dogs can choke on kibble, rawhide chews can cause intestinal blockages, and some chemicals used as preservatives in commercial pet foods are suspected of being cancer-causing agents. Chicken, turkey, lean ground beef, and chuck steak or roast are animal-based proteins, which help dogs grow up strong.
Chicken and turkey bones aren't safe for dogs, because they can splinter into sharp pieces easily.

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